Time to get fancy.. Balmain hair products have hit our shores! {HAIRCARE}

Time to get fancy.. Balmain hair products have hit our shores! {HAIRCARE}

I can count on both hands the amount of haircare posts I have published on my blog. I also do not have enough hands to count how many times per week I get haircare requests! Haircare is hands down my most requested genre of blog post and it is my least favourite or interesting to write about. However, when Balmain launched in South Africa and sent me some goodies, I knew these would certainly warrant a review!

I unfortunately was unable to make it to the launch, but wow, I heard some outstanding testaments from fellow bloggers. Word is that their styling tool knocks the socks off of GHD, Glam Palm and all of the other incredible styling tool brands. I will never commend a product before I have tried it but overall, the entire range sounds like it is just divine. One of my friends has even said that the Balmain Professional Titanium Straightener (R3 995.00) is her Christmas present to herself.

The Texturizing Salt Spray, Argan Moisturising Elixir and the Silk Perfume were all sent to me for review. Please note that these are luxury travel sizes and the products are usually 100ml and 200ml each.


Texturizing Salt Spray

Containing “bodifying sea salt”, this spray is designed to add body and texture to your locks. It works exactly like an other texturising spray but the scent is out of this world! It is also non-greasy and lightweight in your hair. Generally with this type of product I find it quite heavy, resulting in me needing to wash my hair more frequently. This is gorgeously light while still adding body. R545,00 for R200ml

Argan Moisturising Elixir

Oh my word, again, the scent! This Balmain elixir is the best moisturising elixir that I have used to date. Containing pure argan serum, it adds the sought-after high shine to your hair. I prefer to add this to my hair once it has already dried. You can quite literally see your split ends smoothen down as you apply. This is definitely a product which doesn’t suit curly or straight hair best – ANY hair type will benefit beautifully. Fair warning, the formula can be VERY runny when left in warm weather (duh).

In around 2015 I was obsessed with argan oil in all of my haircare and Balmain has reawoken that obsession! R545,00 for 100ml

Silk Perfume

So from the above rave, you would think the argan serum is my favourite of the three Balmain goodies. And I do love it. But I love this Silk Perfume just a teeensy bit more. It smells clean and summery and just divine! I know it is probably the most bougie sounding product ever – a hair perfume. But it is enriched with a combination of oils and proteins to help detangle and smoothen the hair. It is also meant to protect against external damage as well as add a healthy shine! R595,00 for 200ml



If you didn’t think the hair perfume was bougie… here we have a Balmain biscuit!


Balmain hair products and styling tools are available from Glam It’s website. There is free shipping on all orders over R200 – whooop! The website even included accessories and – most exciting – limited edition items!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this little peek into the fancy schmancy world of Balmain! When I showed a sneak of the packaging on Instagram I received sooo many questions which I was not able to answer of course. So let me know if there are any other questions I have not managed to get to!


Rayne XX


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  1. Simone Cameron at 10:34 AM

    This all sounds so divine!

    I can imagine all the hair requests…because using the products you use will automatically give us all your amazing locks as well right???? Ha ha…we can dream! I agree though, while I love discovering great hair care products, they don’t really inspire me to write blog posts that often about them.