NIVEA Q10plusC Anti–Wrinkle + Energy range {REVIEW}

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti–Wrinkle + Energy range {REVIEW}

Every time NIVEA launches a new range I claim it is my favourite one of all. And two months ago when their Micellar Range was launched, I thought it would not get better in terms of a range suiting MY skin. Now I am pulling my same old tricks and call this, the NIVEA Q10 PlusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy creams my faves.

Cue the recent launch of their Vitamin C range and I just KNEW this was made for me. The Body Shop’s Vitamin C range is up there with the best of them all. But I had never seen NIVEA do something like this before. Vitamin C is an added ingredient in products where you are looking to revitalise your skin. So, if you have dull or tired skin, this is for you!

I have said it once and I will say it again, dehydrated, dry and dull skin are my main skincare concerns so you’d think these two would be winners right off the bat.

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti–Wrinkle + Energy

Always a stunning presentation from the NIVEA South Africa team

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti–Wrinkle + Energy


NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Care SPF 15 R169.99 for 50ml

Overall I really enjoyed both of the products, but the day cream takes first prize. Especially as an affordable face cream, it is EXTREMELY great. It also has that fantastic fresh clean smell that NIVEA is so famous for.

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy

It is a light and airy face cream which immediately sinks into the skin. Someone like me, with immensely dehydrated skin, may need to really lather up with it in order to get the full moisturisation. I like to use a thin layer once out the shower and then right before applying makeup I apply a bit more to the seriously bad areas. I really REALLY am impressed with this day cream and I can see myself repurchasing it.

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream R169,99 for 40ml

This sleeping cream is a bit more indepth when it comes to the research behind the ingredients, and normally I would not bother chatting about it. But, in this case, it is super interesting. Taken directly from the press release: “Beiersdorf research studies of skin cells show that this formula combination, as found in the NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream, is capable of increasing the oxygen absorption of skin by up to 50%.”

Basically it is telling us that this magical product, with it’s intense dose of Vitamin C, works with your skin’s natural make up and supports regeneration while you are catching your Z’s. Now who WOULDN’T be excited by this?!

It also smells great – not as fresh and divine as the day cream but it still has a lovely scent.

I am not too sure why the face cream is a 50ml tub and the night cream is in a 40ml tube. But, as I said above, I use more of the day cream than the night one, so this suits my routine just fine!

It’s good to know that whether or not you get your ZZZZ’s, you can wake up to renewed, refreshed
skin every morning.

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy

The packaging info does not specify which age group the NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy range is aimed towards. I would recommend it to ages of 20 – 35 as it is light to medium moisturisation formulated for fine lines. So not meant for the deep ingrained lines that come with age.


Let me know what you thought of this range! Have you tested these new creams yourself?


Rayne xx

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