Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks from Garnier {REVIEW}

Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks from Garnier {REVIEW}

One of the most long awaited skincare launches available from “the drugstore”, the Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks from Garnier, finally released this past August.

There was a period of maybe a month or so where you could not check out Garnier on any social media platform without seeing them bombarded with queries. EVERYONE wanted to know when the Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks were launching and, more importantly, at what price point.

Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

Now, I had more of an interest in these masks and for a few reasons. Firstly, at the time of writing this post, I have been using them for going onto a year. Secondly, I stocked up on them in London last year at a lowly 99 PENCE per mask. That works out to roughly R18 per mask. No one had more interest that I did in what price point these would come in at. And thirdly, sheet/tisssue masks are my least favourite type of mask to use.

So why was the world a-buzz when Garnier released their range of Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks? First and foremost, Garnier is one of the only “affordable” brands to release an individual sheet mask, but in a range of skin types. Yes, all three are aimed towards dry and dehydrated skin, but they also pinpoint which will work for sensitive and combination skin. They also come outstandingly packaged in an extra large tear-top sachet with a beautiful design on the front. Honestly, these sachets are so beautiful and feel luxe, yet you have the comfort of knowing you did not break the bank.

In the sight of being honest (and when am I ever not?), I was not overly impressed when I used the mask for the first time in London. I used the blue one, the ‘Dehydrated Skin’ option. And the reason I was not impressed was purely because it did NOT measure up to all the rave reviews I had seen online. I was expecting an intense burst of moisture and hydration, with a soothing effect. So whatever, another affordable skincare product to not work for me. No big deal.

Fast forward to being back in South Africa and I decided to use them again. Now keeping in mind I don’t like sheet masks, but for some reason I felt like I needed to use it again. This time I was over the moon at the effect it had! I used the pink one, for ‘Dry and Sensitive Skin’ and besides for the hydration and moisture it added, I had never had such smooth skin after using a sheet mask like I had with this. Moving on I tried the blue mask again a week later and I realised it worked the same sort of miracles.

In hindsight I realise that my skin was massively misbehaving in London. With my face going from 32 degree scorching weather in Cape Town, to two degrees in London the next day. I came back looking like I was half dead. That weather is unforgiving on skin!! I should not have been introducing new skincare to my face, let alone trying to garner a review on them.

Basically, here we are ten months later and I can say with full honesty that, while I still don’t adore sheet masks, these Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks are my number one choice. I actually just used the pink one again yesterday! They are intensely hydrating, you can literally feel the hydration soaking into your parched skin. The masks are really drenched in the formula, but not in a way that it drips down your face. It stays put and the excess serum is simply massaged into your skin. I always like to make sure I spread the excess down my neck too, and there is plenty to do so with in this case!

You have three choices of masks and I’ll very quickly explain them:

Soothing Mask (PINK) – Intensely hydrates. Comforts and soothes the skin. Skin is left feeling softer. This is geared towards dry and sensitive skin. This MAY be my favourite one of the lot! You seriously won’t believe how supple and soft your face is afterwards thanks to the chamomile.

Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

Revitalising Mask (BLUE) –Intensely rehydrates the skin. Reduces the look of fine lines. Revives radiance. This one is better suited for dehydrated skin and actually this should be my favourite. It ticks all the boxes of what I need in a mask but for some reason I just adore the pink one. This, however, still is incredible.

Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

Rebalancing Mask (GREEN) – Intensely hydrates. Helps to mattify the skin. Pores appear less visible. This green mask is better suited to normal and combination skin. It is definitely the mask to choose when prepping your face for an important night out where you will have your picture taken a lot.

Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks

All three of the masks need to be applied on the skin for fifteen minutes. Interestingly, one of these masks equals the same amount as a weeks worth of hydrating day cream on the skin. And my favourite part of all? All thee of them contain hyaluronic acid!

The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks are available at R49,95 each. You can find them at Clicks, Foschini stores and Dis-Chems nationwide.


Have you tried these before? I would love to know what you thought and which type was your favourite!


Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 11:00 AM

    Haven’t tried these, but I am really keen to. I love collecting sheet masks…I say collecting, because I seem to collect them and forget to use them. Or I don’t want to use my last one. lol. I look forward to trying these though.

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