The long awaited Murumuru Butter Bronzer is finally launching in South Africa! {REVIEW}

The long awaited Murumuru Butter Bronzer is finally launching in South Africa! {REVIEW}

Whoo hoo! So I am sure I don’t need to repeat the title but to be fair, MORE than just the Butter Bronzer is launching from Physicians Formula. Their butter blushers, latest eyeshadow palettes, cushion foundations and more are launching in the upcoming months.

Because I did not attend the recent launch event, I don’t have all the info on all the new releases but I do have the deets on the much sought after Butter Bronzer. I mentioned this bronzer in a recent mini-haul post that I ordered in from Las Vegas and I received COUNTLESS review requests via all my social media platforms. Besides from live posting my first impressions via Insta videos, I have not said much because I was not sure if we would even get this here. And now that we will, it is the perfect time for a review post!

Butter Bronzer

I had sky high hopes for this bronzer to become my immediate holy grail. It has been SO raved about by many esteemed You Tubers and bloggers. Before I even chat about the product itself, lets talk about the glamorous elephant in the room; this insanely gorge packaging. It is just so so SO beautiful! The contrasting colours, the incredibly thick and weighty compact, the little sponge. All these factors make for a really great quality cosmetic item. Even the box it comes in has the matching design on the front (which I unfortunately had to chuck out because Walmart chucked a giant ugly sticker on it). It includes a very generously sized mirror which is also great quality. All in all you could slap a R700 price tag on this and the packaging would easily pass for super high end.

The little sponge is very cute and feels like good quality. I have not used it and, to be honest, does anyone ever actually use the little applicators? I can however say that sponge feels like a MUCH better quality than the usual included applicators. Also big ups on the colour combo – not the usual plain black!

Next up was the part I was so excited for.. cracking open the lid to get a whiff of the scent! It is coconut scented and, if you are a fan of coconut, it really is so divine. It lasts on the skin without being too overwhelming or having an artificial scent. But, as I said, it does last on the skin, so if you don’t like the smell if might bug you. Thankfully coconut is one of my favourite smells ever ever ever. I adore this added aspect especially as us South Africans are heading into Summer!

Butter Bronzer

Butter Bronzer

Now onto the consistency. It 110% delivers on that front! The texture is velvety smooth to the touch and stays the same when applied to the face. It has a very slight shimmer to the formula, which seems to deteriorate the further you get into the shade. I am thrilled with this because I don’t love shimmer in my bronzer. Granted, the first few layers which do contain shimmer are very light and subtle, and just add a gorgeous glow. But I definitely do prefer the matte effect.

My one and only, ONLY, issue with this bronzer is the shade is very light. There are only two available, Light Bronze and Bronzer, and my one is the darker shade. To put it into perspective, I use shades of foundation with names like Ivory and Porcelain. So the fact that the darker shade is too light for me is odd. This means that I really have to pile it on!

Butter Bronzer

Even though I have to pile the Butter Bronzer on, I still find it gives really good wear. I can get around 6 – 8 hours out of it before needing a bit of a touch up. Overall, as a drug store “affordable” bronzer it is worth the spend and it is most definitely NOT an airy fairy novelty item in my opinion. Speaking of spend, this cost me R170 in US dollars and it is rumoured to be selling for R219.95 once it launches in Dis-Chem stores this December. So you best pop this onto your Christmas wish list!

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be getting your hands on this come December. I have quite a few Physicians Formula goodies which I just have not featured on here for some reason – so definitely let me know if you’d be interested in seeing those!

And I can DEFINITELY see myself rushing to check out the latest Physicians Formula bronzers once the new releases are on stands – YAY! 

Rayne XX

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