Cleansing Sugar Oil Scrub from BABOR {REVIEW}

Cleansing Sugar Oil Scrub from BABOR {REVIEW}

Last week on Make It Rayne I featured my ultimate moisturiser find for 2017 – the Hyaluron Cream from BABOR. I have featured quite a few BABOR products on my blog over the last two years and I am constantly being asked about the brand. So today I am chatting about one of my fave masks, the Cleansing Sugar Oil Scrub.

So my ultimate favourite mask from BABOR would be the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask but this is a close close second. It is suitable for all skin types which is a major bonus and it is also one of the more affordable products from BABOR.

Sugar Oil Scrub

Nothing makes my skin happier than a good scrub and this really revitalizes the skin! It is not a stingy product at all, the formula is absolutely chockablock full of fine granules. I like to deeply cleanse my skin then apply it. Let it sit for 10 – 15 minutes, exfoliate deeply, then rinse thoroughly. Your skin feels absolutely baby soft and totally revitalized afterwards. The added precious oils of macadamia sesamum seed oil and argania kernel oil condition the skin while you relax.

Sugar Oil Scrub

It is also one of those dreamworthy products where the smallest amount goes a looong way. I do not apply it to my entire face – I prefer to use it only on targeted ares. I have found it work especially well on the hormonal breakouts that I get around my jawline.

The Sugar Oil Scrub from BABOR is available as a 50ml tub for R393.00


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  1. Siobhan Yeatman at 3:15 PM

    I started out reading this post, thinking ‘Great, well this sounds like an absolute gem but it’s going to cost me a kidney to buy’. Then I got the end and I’m so impressed at the price of it!
    I’ve loved the Dermalogica Age Smart Thermofoliant and the Esse Cocoa Exfoliator. Both have enough scrub in them to make a difference and I hate a scrub that feels like it does nothing. This sounds like it’s similar to these in ‘scrubbiness’ and it’s a bit more pricey than the Esse but MUCH cheaper than the Dermalogica! When my Dermalogica is finished I think I’ll give this one a bash!

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