Payot has relaunched in South Africa & I review some products! {REVIEW}

Payot has relaunched in South Africa & I review some products! {REVIEW}

Payot skincare has very recently relaunched in South Africa and I for one am THRILLED. I attended the relaunch a few weeks ago and I have been itching to write this post up since. I did however want to throw some mini reviews into the mix so here we go!

First off, I did not realise that Payot was not operating as usual in South Africa. Simply because I have purchased Payot products within the last six months – but I think I may have been purchasing old stock as I would get these directly from the Luxury Cosmetics supplier. Either way, they have the freaking BEST eye masks and I would have been devastated when I realised they were no longer in operation.


The first question on everyone’s lips was, of course, what is the price point? Directly from the brand manager herself, is that you can put Payot on par with a brand like Clarins. Personally I would say it is more affordable than Clarins BUT, as with most brands, it does have certain products within ranges that are more high end. In my opinion as someone who has used Payot for the last few years, it is on the more affordable side of pricing while being a medium end range. I think a lot of people will start thinking of them as a more affordable skincare range now that the brand will be available in Dis-Chem.

That brings me to the second point; Payot is now available in Dis-Chem and in a range of salons, with more and more of their ranges rolling out as the year goes on.

Lets just jump into the reviews then…

Relaxing Candle

The product that got me the most excited of all four, ironically, was the candle! I am candle obsessed and I could not wait to get into this. However I find it to be a very mediocre product. It looks gorge and simplistic, but it does not really have an intense smell. I can’t even pinpoint the scents within the candle. It is in the ‘relaxing’ scent which really is nice, but like I said, it is not a really powerful scent and you have to be in the same room to smell it. I do love the luxurious feel to it though, with its glass holder and larger-than-usual size.


Techni Liss Booster – R589

I really liked this face prepping booster actually. The gel like formula is SUPER soothing on the skin and the glass tub keeps it much cooler than a plastic tub would. My favourite aspect of the cream would be that it contains hyaluronic acid which is something I religiously look for in my skincare products. It is formulated to plump up the skin, soften and smoothen the skin, all those good things. I have not been using it for long enough to report on noticeable long term improvements but  I do enjoy it for a simple booster prior to your day cream.



The more luxe products from Payot come packaged in the gorgeous silver packaging.


Super Hydrating Comforting Mask – R369

This mask was a complete gold star for me! Top marks to Payot for this! I find it difficult to find masks for my severely dehydrated skin. For dry skin there are products galore! But finding an awesome product for dehydration is few and far between. I am VERY happy to have found this and it is seriously helping my skin through the harsh transition of Winter to Spring. It has loads of benefits such as smoothing  lines, leaving the skin plump and fresh, and leaving your complexion radiant and luminous. I am thrilled just with how it moisturises and hydrates my skin – let alone all the extra added greatness. EDIT: After writing this post I used this a few more times and one thing which stands out that I did not mention when I wrote it is that it does make your skin feel baby soft. Usually this is not something I care about in a product but it is a stand out benefit in this!



Protective Anti-Aging Face Cream

Ahhh… sun screen. The bane of my existence. I know how bad it is that I don’t religiously use it, but I do keep my eye out for sunscreens which will be easier for me to use under make-up. I like this sunscreen but I do think that it is a liiiiitle bit thick. It is  howeverdescribed online as a light cream. This is fine for someone like me, with dehydrated skin, but maybe not for someone with oily skin as it may clog you up a bit. It is also apparently formulated to increase the length of your tan’s staying power (does that even make sense?). We are still coming out of Winter here in South Africa but I will definitely be testing this out properly during an upcoming trip to Mauritius!

And there you have it guys! Let me know what you think of Payot if you have already tried the brand? Also let me know if you have any requests for reviews of Payot products.


Rayne XX

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  1. Simone Cameron at 10:41 AM

    I have never heard of the brand before or used it. Probably while I was living under a rock….lol. The candle is so pretty and the mask sounds fabulous!

    I am the same…I hardly use sunblock, but I do occasionally use the Vichy one which I really like. It’s very lightweight and specifically for oily skin I think. I use it under my makeup with no issues.

  2. Colette at 11:19 AM

    Wow I use to use Payot years ago (around 1994)and it was the best range ever. Definitely going to go to Dischem to get my hands on this awesome brand

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