La Mia Perla has very quickly shot up my list of favourite perfume of 2017. Quite a sentence to begin a blog review with, isn’t it? The latest fragrance release from La Perla, however, has me all kinds of obsessed for more reasons that one. Read on to find out more about this creatively unique new scent..

First off, the design of the bottle. You really have to see this in person to realize it’s uniqueness. The smooth domed cap representing a pearl. The rose gold bottle emits shades of luminous white and pink (again, think of pearls). And finally, the detailing outside and within the bottle is so exquisite, I barely know how to describe it. The geometric trick-of-the-eyes design inside the bottle comes across as the perfume being encased inside a second cavity inside the bottle. You really could spend ages staring at it. I am staring at it on my bedside table as I type up this post.

The scents I pick up on when using this is the immediate smell of soft powder, probably brought on by the white peony, white pepper, sandalwood and silky suede notes. Creamy is the perfect description and, without having it sound like a red wine, it is a full bodied and rich scent, yet it isn’t “too much”. I think the powdery scent is also enhanced by the rich musky scent of the muscenone. The addition of sparkling mandarin and jasmine add the young and fun feeling to the perfume. Keeping it from turning into the more “mature powdery” sort of powder scent. Please tell me I am making sense here?! Overall, I do feel like the nail was hit on the head of developing a scent which could be described as a classic.


La Mia Perla

The precious La Mia Perla scent abandons the classic fragrance pyramid structure in favour of a circular, pearl-shaped composition. Resulting in one rich symphony that is both infinite and unchanging. La Mia Perla belongs to an innovative fragrance family named Solariental. Defined by luminosity and creaminess.


The remaining notes in the fragrance are those of sambac (Arabian jasmine), orris and ambrox. I truly believe that the La Mia Perla encapsulates, as they’ve described it, “a tribute to female beauty, power and strength.”


La Mia Perla

Oh look! It’s me! Try as I might, it was impossible to get a picture of this without my reflection.

Oh look! It’s me. Again. Same story as above.


La Mia Perla

The official advert – how calming and serene, yet glamourous?


The price point of these were a pleasant surprise for me:

La Mia Perla Eau de Parfum 30ml – R950

Eau de Parfum 50ml – R1250

Eau de Parfum R1650


This new favourite fragrance of mine will be available as of October 2017. So one more month to go ladies! And trust me, you definitely want to pop into store and spritz this!


Rayne XX


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