Matte Colour Riche Matte lipsticks from L’Oréal {REVIEW}

Matte Colour Riche Matte lipsticks from L’Oréal {REVIEW}

I have been soooo excited to write about these Colour Riche Matte lipsticks from L’Oréal! Shewee. I am about to make one heck of a bold statement. You ready? Okay. This range is currently my favourite lipstick range of all time. See. Told you it was a big statement.

L’Oréal just recently added to their Colour Riche Matte lipstick range. You can read my review on their Delicate Rose range here. And this is hands down the best range ever.

The formula is, obviously, matte but not as we know it to be. It is creamy and luscious and thick, yet it is not drying. And I have praised matte lipsticks before, but this is just something else.
Previous ranges have always been great lipstick options but there is something about the Colour Riche Matte range which has just one-upped all previous ranges. The formula, the pigmentation, everything about it is great.

The packaging itself is similar to the previous Colour Riche ranges but the Colour Riche Matte range is just a liiiiittle bit more chic and classy than the others. The bullet skin is almost a faux pleather slash snake-skin design with the usual gold.

As far as I know, there are 9 shades in the range (8 pictured here) and the range pretty much consists of a colour for everyone. My favourites being the pictured swatches; Hype, Plum Tuxedo and Mahogany Studs.

Weirdly enough, Hype (the orange shade) is the only shade which is patchy. However it is still one of my favourites, patchiness aside. The colour is bright and beautiful, the payoff is amazing, but the effect is slightly patchy. Just layer up a few times and you are fine, though.

Colour Riche Matte

Left to right: Strike A Rose, Hype, Pink-A-Porter, Retro Red, Haute Rouge, Plum Tuxedo, Paris Cherry, Mahogany Studs

Colour Riche Matte


Are they not just beyond beautiful? Besides for being lovely on the lips, they also physically look beautiful all lined up neatly in my perspex lipstick holders on my vanity.

I am not going post pictures of all of the shades on my lips, as not all of them suited me. If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen me wearing a new shade every day over the past week. I did however opt for Plum Tuxedo and Mahogany Studs multiple times, they are just the most stunning shades ever. Plum Tuxedo especially works well if you have hazel eyes as they make the green bits stand out more!


Wearing a mixture of Pink-A-Porter and Retro Red in the first pic, Plum Tuxedo in the second and the last picture was taken when I got home from work. You can see the lipstick has gone patchy but that is after a NINE hour day! I mean really.

So ignore my friendly pimple in the above images. That third image is just to show you the long lastingness of the lippies. You can see the inside of my lips are  faded and super patchy but, after nine, hours? I am in no way complaining!

Out of all of them, Mahogany Studs has got to be my favourite. I kid you not. This is my new favourite lipstick. Of all time. It is the most to-die-for shade which looks like it can suit every skin skin tone. And the 90’s brown lips look is still very much in!

Because this was taken on my CRAPPY Samsung, the quality is ridic compared to the photos of the lipsticks themselves.

Colour Riche Matte


So finally, my last words on this range would be that I seriously SERIOUSLY give them double thumbs up. Like I started the post with, this range is currently my favourite lipstick range of all time. I don’t know when I last discovered a lipstick which lasts five hours, let alone this lasting NINE! Add in the great packaging, great formula and non-flaky lips, you have yourselves a winner.

L’Oréal products can be purchased from Clicks stores, Foschini and Zando to name just a few. These are retailing in the ballpark of R179 each.


Rayne XX

**Please note that a previous version of this post was first published on Becoming You.

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