My ultimate make-up picks from Revlon {SERIES}

My ultimate make-up picks from Revlon {SERIES}

So when I started with my ‘Ultimate Make-Up Picks’ series, and I thought about my Revlon segment, I knew that foundations and lip products would feature heavily. Revlon is overall one of my favourite and most used brands, so I had no idea how many products I would end up with!

Remember, these are only the products that I would recommend from the brands. That is the whole point of this series. I may like 20 items from the brand but I am only featuring my 100% ride or die products! You may have a completely different view from me and that is the beauty of make-up! In total I ended up with nine ‘Ultimate Make-Up Picks’ from Revlon, which is more than the previous two segments which featured essence and Bourjois.

Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation and ColorStay Foundation

Now, Revlon do foundations very very well. These two are my absolute favourites overall. The ColorStay is more my shade during Winter and I am more suited to 002 Vanilla in Summer. Both are the perfect middle ground between a matte and a dewy effect and that is exactly why I love them. Using a setting powder on top of either helps you achieve a more matte look, but using some liquid highlighters and no powder will give you a more dewy look. I just love that one product can be so versatile depending on your mood that day. I do prefer how the Photoready has a pump applicator versus the ColorStay with its lid top.

These are between R275.00 – R300.00 depending where you purchase it. I did a review a loooong time ago on the Airbrush Effect Foundation which is just so cringy to read back now but I am going to insert it here anyway, just for a lag.



Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

I must say when I first saw the wand I was sure I would not use this. But I have raved online multiple times in the last year, this is such a winner. I think some people assume it is a lower lash mascara due to it’s design but it is so brilliant for both top and bottom lashes. You can see a previous review that I did here. I would also recommend the blue lid mascara, that too is great. But if I had to recommend one it would definitely be this one. Between R125.00 – R170.00 depending on where you buy it.



Ultra HD MatteLip Colour

Probably the most hyped Revlon product in their history. Can anyone verify this? Seriously, these were ALL OVER the internet when they came out and they are still a firm favourite among beauty bloggers. Seduction was deemed the ‘Velvet Teddy of Revlon‘ and was pretty much sold out everywhere. I finally got hold of one at an actual Revlon event, but before that I could not find one in any shops. And trust me, I looked everywhere! My original review post can be seen here. They have the word ‘matte’ in the title but they are more dry yet sheeny on your lips than the usual matte we are used to. And they smell DIVINE. Pictured here are Seduction, Devotion and Obsession. Priced between R135.00 – R179.00.



ColorStay Lipliner

These.. I cannot even express how superior they are to other lip liners! The Revlon ColorStay liners need to go down in history. They literally add hours onto the length of time that your lipstick will last. The colour range is massive and the quality is superb. I don’t know what else to say? My favouites shades are Nude, Vixen and Sienna and I am not embarrassed to say that I have multiples of these at all times. Priced between R125.00 and R179.00.



Ultra HD Lipstick and Super Lustrous Lipstick

Yet again, oh my goooosh, these are just freaking amazing.  These are two different ranges but both are creamy, SUPER opaque and long lasting. The silver tubes are bright colours whilst the dark tube is a deep wine shade and there is no hint of patchiness in either. The lipstick ranges that Revlon produce are always, without a doubt, incredible. And again, I am including a link to a previous review I did on the HD Lipsticks but it is from ages ago, so no judgement! I have been using Revlon for years and years. Also, the Ultra HD Lipsticks have such a beautiful scent – not that the other products don’t smell nice, but the Ultra HD Matte and the Ultra HD Lipsticks have a different divine smell to them. The Ultra HD Lipsticks go between R119.00 – R165.00. The Super Lustrous Lipsticks go for between R139,00 – R159.00.



Age Defying Concealer

And lastly, but sadly, this may be discontinued! I cannot find any info on this fab little concealer so I can only assume it is no longer on the market. The Age Defying Targeted Dark Spot Concealer looks like it could be a similar option though. I will not chat too much about it though but I just had to include it as it is a FAB option for under the eyes!



You can purchase Revlon products from Clicks stores, Dis-Chem stores, Foschini stores Woolies and online at Zando and Takealot. I would not specifically recommend any one store as the pricing all vary. Like for example, the foundations are at their best price from Takealot and Zando but the mascara is R35 less if you buy it from Woolworths.

I hope you enjoyed my third installment in this series! Let me know in the comments if you have any brands you would love to be featured.


Rayne XX


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