Sleek Highlighting Palettes – Solstice, Cleopatra’s Kiss & Precious Metals {REVIEW}

Sleek Highlighting Palettes – Solstice, Cleopatra’s Kiss & Precious Metals {REVIEW}

I am the first to get annoyed when I read a blog post specifically for swatches and then there are no swatches. So I am putting it out there that I am not uploading pictures of these highlighters on my face. SORRY GUYS. I tried for ages but I just cannot do them justice in the pics and I would hate to show them in a negative light. I do however have plenty of pictures and arm swatches of them though. Soooo I present to you, three of the most renowned products from Sleek: the highlight palettes in Solstice, Cleopatra’s Kiss and Precious Metals.

Cleopatra's Kiss


I have mentioned these palettes in a haul post and a favourites post before but LAWD HAVE MERCY these need as much blog air time as possible. THEY ARE THE BEST. This is probably going to be a long and extra-rambly review post. But seriously, I have seen Jeffree Star, Nikki Tutorials and Jaclyn Hill all call these favourites of theirs. Jaclyn even went as far as to call the Precious Metals palette her favourite highlighter of all time.


Solstice is just the most perfect highlighting palette for fairer ladies. It contains two baked powders in lilac and bronze, a shimmer powder in custard and a cream highlight in nudey bronze. I am the worst when it comes to describing overtones and undertones so I will let the images do the talking. Now, the word “lilac” may have you feeling apprehensive but fear not. It is stunning and blends out absolutely beautifully. When rainbow highlighters first launched I thought they were crazy! But going out of the realm of normal and using different colours as your highlight really works so well.

Cleopatra's Kiss


Cleopatra’s Kiss

I want to say Cleopatra’s Kiss is my favourite of the three. I don’t know though, they are all amazing. This one contains two velvet powders and two cream highlights. The powders are lilac and a golden bronze whilst the creams are a yellow gold and a bronze nude. This one along with the next palette are definitely more suited to darker and more bronzed ladies but actually all three can be used on any skin tone. The highlighters are so buildable and blendy that they can work with any skin tone.

Cleopatra's Kiss


Precious Metals

This was the first of the three palettes that I purchased and it will always have a special place in my heart. How dramatic am I. But seriously, this will go down in history as the first ever cream product that I have been able to use properly. I have never been able to get the hand of cream bronzers, blushers and highlights but these creams are so incredibly creamy and luxurious and basically just a dream to work with. On the website and the packaging the creams are referred to as “luxurious velvet creams” and they are not tooting their own horn. It contains three creams in light bronze, a darker bronze and a creamy white. Then lastly the powder is a shimmery bronze shade.

Cleopatra's Kiss


There was a fourth Sleek highlight palette which was limited edition but I couldn’t manage to get my hands on it. These retail for just under 10 pounds each which works out to roughly R160 each. These are not available in South Africa but they can easily be purchased from the Sleek and Boots websites and shipped over.

Needless to say I FULLY recommend purchasing all three of them. They are beyond amazing and I cannot wait for Sleek to bring out more. Even though I cannot imagine how they could top these!

Have you ever used these? If so, what did you think of them?


Rayne XX


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