Age Perfect & Rebalancing Facial Oils from L’Oréal {REVIEW}

Age Perfect & Rebalancing Facial Oils from L’Oréal {REVIEW}

I have been dead set on never forgetting to use these ever since the beyond fabulous Carli Bybel stated that she uses the L’Oreal facial oils in her night time beauty routine.



L'Oreal Facial oils


Both of these oils seem very similar to me, I am the worst when it comes to skincare comparisons. Both oils are nourished to leave the skin looking and feeling healthier and brighter. It is also meant to tighten the pores on your face. I don’t particularly notice my pores looking smaller but it certainly leaves my skin feeling pretty phenomenal.

Each essential oil is great for a specific use for example Neem oil for hair, and these oils contain a special refined blend of 8 essential oils. These essential oils were specially chosen to purify and soothe skin. Whilst the Age Perfect is more for normal to dry skin, the Extraordinary Oil is geared towards combo to oilier skin.
Both of these smell incredible (thanks to the above mentioned essential oils). But the Age Perfect smells just that liiiiittle bit more fresh and divine.

I am very weird about my skin feeling oily. Don’t get me wrong, this does not leave an oily layer on your skin. BUT if you mix it with water I find it leaves your skin smoother and silkier than ever.

My favourite part about these oils, and the reason I will keep on using it, is the fact that it is THE BEST PRIMER FOR YOUR FACE. Yes, that sentence deserves all capital letters. It leaves your skin feeling so incredibly smooth and your foundation just glides on. I felt that it even helped the application of concealers which are otherwise slightly creasy underneath the eyes.

I actually thought that the above was all so cleverly discovered by me, but when you research the oils online, they state that they have been specially formulated to aid in the application of your make-up.


L'Oreal Facial oils


A tip is to always use this after cleansing the skin and before applying your cream. It can be used day and night but always before your moisturizer. The cream will create a barrier and the oil will struggle to get through otherwise.

Overall, I really recommend this product. I would go as far as to call it my favourite current facial oil. Only one other facial oil springs to mind that can rival this beaut, and that one isn’t as fab when applying make-up on top.


The oils retail at R270 each & can be found at Clicks, Foschini, Truworths and Red Square stores.


Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to comment below if you want to see a review on any other L ‘Oreal products. ** Please note a version of this post was previously published on Becoming You.


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