#Elastoplastfashionfix Limited Edition Packs {HERE’S & THERE’S}

#Elastoplastfashionfix Limited Edition Packs {HERE’S & THERE’S}

Never did I think I’d be such a keen bean to post PLASTERS on my blog but how freeeaking cute are these Limited Edition #Elastoplastfashionfix plaster packs!

Your fave song has just come on and you’re rocking it, when your two left feet have you hitting the
dance floor – literally. Accidents can happen wherever you are, resulting in painful nicks, cuts and
scrapes that can ruin the mood. Be prepared. Keep the stylish new Elastoplast plasters handy your
bag, and keep the party going.



Anyone who buys plasters (and who doesn’t, really?) generally chucks a box from Elastoplast into their shopping basket. And these new limited edition boxes will have you chucking multiples into your basket!

Pack one ‘Don’t Worry’ contains 16 brightly coloured plasters in the original Elastoplast plaster shape. How eye-catching is that bright pink one! Yep, neeeever thought I’d be making that sort of comment over a plaster.

Pack two ‘Be Happy’ is the firm favourite by the sounds of things. It contains 16 plasters splashed with the coolest patterns ever. Imagine juicy watermelons, tribal-esque zig zags, palm leaves, stars and – beeeeest of all – pineapples! Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with pineapples and pineapple patterns. It is to the point where I log onto Instagram to find people tagging me daily in the most arb pineapple piccies! So you can imagine how in love I am with the ‘Be Happy’ box. I won’t even use the pineapple plasters thanks to their darn cuteness, that much is for sure! How lame am I..


These Limited Edition #Elastofixfashionfix plaster packs are available NOW for R24.99 per pack.


Rayne XX


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  1. Melanie Sillifant at 7:21 PM

    These are so cute. I remember a very long while ago our Primary school sold plasters for a fund raiser and they had glow in the dark plasters. For a primary scholar there is nothing cooler than that.

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