June Faves 2017! {FAVOURITES}

June Faves 2017! {FAVOURITES}

I am sitting in the same predicament as with last month’s favourites post. There were just so many products that I either fell in love with OR re-fell in love with this month. So to narrow it down, I decided to feature the products that I use pretty much on a daily basis. And I will try to keep it short and sweet!


Hyaluron Filler Cream from Eucerin

This is maybe the fifth or sixth face cream I have used from Eucerin and they are religiously amazing. This is possibly my favourite one so far, just based on its moistuising and plumping properties. I have not seen a “filling difference” in the fine lines on my forehead as yet but I have high hopes as I have seen great reviews. It contains the much sought after ingredient hyaluronic acid which is every wrinkle-dodgers best friend. R360 – 50ml – Available from Clicks stores

June Favourites

Beautiful Smile Labello Duo pack

The most simple item which I have on hand at all time. The Labello Beautiful Smile Duo contains two lip ices in the original Lip Ice flavour. R2 from each sale will be donated to the Smile Foundation. You can read more about it here. I will admit I kept both for myself instead of sharing. I keep one in my handbag and the other on my nightstand. Nothing beats the hydration that a Labello stick gives, and the original scent is definitely my favourite of all! R34.99 – 2 lip ices – Available in Clicks stores (and possibly Pick n Pay stores)

June Favourites


Oil in Lotion Body Lotions from Nivea

Not entirely sure what the actual name of this body cream is. Is it called Oil in Lotion? Is it called 24h Deep Moisture & xyz Scent? Not too sure but I am looooving these guys. I had pretty much chowed half of the Vanilla bottle before trying the Cherry Blossom one because I assumed the latter would be super sweet. However, both are super divine and just the perfect lick of moisture to your body. I will be honest and admit that I have been rather disgraceful with applying body lotion these days. It is just TOO cold when hopping out of the shower. But, when I do, I reach for one of these. And nope, you do not feel any oily residue, despite the name. Oooh, and the lotions have itsy bitsy little oil bolletjies in them. R47.99 – 400ml – available in Clicks, Dis-Chem and Pick ‘n Pay

June Favourites


volume stylist 18h lash extension mascara

I have mentioned this mascara in a review post before but I thought it deserved another mention. I have been using this daily for work and it really is a good run around mascara. The weather has been really cold and rainy lately, which usually results in my lashes sticking to my brow bone but no, no, no. I don’t particularly think it lengthens my lashes to a crazy extent, but it is definitely fab enough to warrant a mention in my monthly favourites. R64.95 – 12ml – available from Dis-Chem and Clicks stores.

June Favourites


Advanced Skin Corrector from Lancôme

I have a pretty in-depth review on this Advanced Skin Corrector coming in a few weeks so I won’t say too much now but I just had to include it as it has been my go-to as a night serum. This product just feels so luxe and it really delivers on it’s promises. It is also so incredibly silky on the skin and just sinks right in. More to come.. so keep posted! Priced at R860 – 30ml – available at Lancôme counters. 

June Favourites


Perfectitude Smoothing Lip Scrub from L.O.V

Well what do you know. Another lip product! I am just beyond obsessed with lip hydration during Winter and the options available at the moment are top notch. It really just feels super nourishing with only a slightly sticky residue. It also has a delish watermelon-ish taste. The smoothing effect comes from the little microbeads in the formula which ever so slightly exfoliate, yet it does the trick 100%. R125 – 2,2ml – Available from Dis-Chem and Takealot.com

June Favourites


Watt’s Up! from Benefit Cosmetics

Oh my beloved Watt’s Up! This is only item on my favourites list to be a re-loved product. I did a full review on it over here. Now I feel like that post really did not do the highlighter justice though as it was early on in my blogging life. I say that I have “rediscovered” it because I adore using it in Summer and I always felt it was too much for Winter. But lately I have been using such a teensy amount, layering some matte highlight and blusher over and t just gives such a low eye wow effect! The different textures of creme highlight, matte powder highlight and matte powered blusher is something else. And yes, I know I could use matte powder but I am staying away from using setting powder on my entire face these days. R425 – Available from Edgars’ Benefit counters and online here


nightly lip treatment from dermalogica

And the final in my favourites! It is the third lip product on this list and, even though I adore the other two, this is THE lip product of the season. Yet again, I have a dedicated blog post coming up so keep an eye out for that. But what I can tell you is that this is the latest release from the Age Smart range and your new best friend. Thankfully I am not a smoker but I have pulled one too many “duck faces” in my time and I am now sitting with faint mouth lines. Very basically, it is a fine/feather line buster with some INCREDIBLE properties and I am so excited to share it with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for my full length review coming soon! R980 – 10ml – Available in dermalogica stores and online here.

June Favourites


There you gooo! My eight favourites for the month of June. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and a massive high-five if you made it this far 😉

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments which products you were loving this past month.


Rayne XX


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