Mascara Graveyard: the good, the mediocre and the rather save your moola.. {REVIEW}

Mascara Graveyard: the good, the mediocre and the rather save your moola.. {REVIEW}

A while ago I had this brainstorm to come up with  mascara graveyeard series. Because, if there is one product I use up frequently and furiously, it is mascara! I accumulated a whole load and I have just been procrastinating on writing this post up! So much so that I added another four to this stash, so keep posted for a Mascara Graveyard Part 2.

*Just a note that I have no idea which of these are still available for purchase. AND most of these were finished mid-way though 2016. So my recall on them is totally based on my memories. Fingers crossed ­čśŤ


  1. essence I heart extreme volume
    I am not a fan of coned mascara wands. This mascara being one of the reasons why. I don’t know if it is my technique but I always get mascara on my lid. The colour however is a super deep black and it does add the volume it promises. I just tended to stay away from it because of the wand being annoying.
    Mascara Graveyard
  2. essence I heart extreme crazy volume
    WAY better than the previous! This long thin wand is what my mascara dreams are made of. I find it so darn easy to apply onto top and bottom lashes. This tube and the above are identical apart from the colours. I think some people who don’t love the black tube’s wand might think the pink is a waterproof version or something. But do yourself a favour and grab it!
    Mascara Graveyard
  3. L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture
    Probably my most loved from this entire graveyard. I absolutely adore this mascara to this day. Again, it has a more thin wand which gives you more precision. This wand however is not very long yet it still gives great volume and length. I repurchased this mascara twice more if I am not mistaken!
    Mascara Graveyard
  4. Rimmel Scandal Eyes Show Off
    I reaaally do not remember how I felt about this mascara! Now I am feeling a bit dof by even featuring it but I feel like any finished product deserves a mention. I can only imagine that I loved it as it has the kind of wand that I enjoy. The ‘half hourglass’ tip allows you to easily target your bottom and end lashes without getting mascara anywhere else. Agh, two years ago I thought I was just so cool with my hot pink tube of Rimmel mascara!

  5. essence get big lashes volume boost waterproof
    Okay this one was finished months ago so my memory is a bit foggy. I just remember struggling like heck to get it off at the end of a day. Granted, it is waterproof. But there are so many easily removable waterproof mascaras these days that it had me avoiding it.

  6. Maybelline XXL Pro Curl
    And then finally this little double ended bad boy. Looking at it now I can’t imagine I would love a mascara with wands this short and curled! They are SO damn short and need to be held so close to your face. It is definitely a design I would stay away from these days. I do remember doing a little test ages ago wearing one eye with the primer and one without. I found that the primed side did work better, so that sorts the gimmick side out.
    Mascara Graveyard

And there you have it. Short and sweet mini review on six mascaras.
What did you think? Would you want to see a Mascara Graveyard part two?


Rayne XX



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