Babor Review #4 – Cleansing CP HY-ÖL Phytoactive Base {REVIEW}

Babor Review #4 – Cleansing CP HY-ÖL Phytoactive Base {REVIEW}

Cleansing CP HY-ÖL Phytoactive Base

This Babor Phytopactive Base was the first one that I fell in love with out of the entire range. Working in two parts, HY-ÖL is a hydrophilic cleansing oil. It is suitable for all skin types and contains pure, natural soybean, peanut and sesame oils. HY-ÖL  is used in combination with the Phytoactive for the specific skin type to remove both oil and water-soluble impurities without leaving any feeling of tightness. It also contains quillaja extract which enhances the cleansing effect.



This is especially formulated for a dry skin and I have very dehydrated skin, so this is a miracle worker. And as advertised online “it contains the BABOR-exclusive, detoxifying extract of Agrimonia eupatoria, which has an astringent effect, even as you cleanse. Selected herbal essences of mint, birch and rosemary invigorate and refresh the skin. Leaves the skin looking deep cleansed and gives it a fresh and rosy appearance.”

I also found it worked great as a make up remover. The make-up glided off (but needed a little extra help removing mascara). It lets skin breathe freely and gives the complexion a rosy appearance. Above all, the added essential oils are gentle, leaving your face uber soft and fresh, and give you the remnant scents of having a massage. Best of all, there is absolutely no feeling of tightness after using this. That is rare when it comes to cleansers! It all points towards the fact that this cleanser literally pumps moisture and hydration into your skin.


Phytoactive Base


This product is also one of the more affordable ones. It is R488 and my bottles lasted my around two months which is not bad at all. But please note, the HY-ÖL has to be used in conjunction with the Phytoactive Base product. You can purchase both products at – so get shopping!


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