Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation by Collection {REVIEW}

Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation by Collection {REVIEW}

Since I got back from England in Jan, I have been asked so many times what make-up I brought back. One of these items was the Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation from Collection. I swear, I WILL get around to posting a full post on ALL the make-up I purchased..

This foundation isn’t available in SA as the brand is not sold here and I will rejoice in the day it retails here. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is THE BEST CONCEALER OF ALL TIME (said in Kanye’s grammy voice). Literally, it is the best and so damn affordable at less than four pounds fifty.

Anyway, this post is not about the concealer. It is about the Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation.


Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation

First off, I adore the look and feel of the bottle. The glass bottle makes it look chic and luxe, when it really isn’t. And the pump allows it to be dispensed sparingly AND keeps it hygenic. As much as I love the glass bottle, it is slightly impractical. I have dropped and smashed way too many bottles of MAC in my time.


Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation


At six pounds, this translates roughly into under R105. Meaning, if it was sold here, this would be a VERY affordable foundation option. This actually brings it in at R80 UNDER the cheapest Maybelline foundation. Don’t bite my head off with all the ‘import costs, etc etc’ pricing.

As for the quality? As you can see from the swatch, this is too dark for me. The range consists of six shades. You definitely cannot colour match from the bottles, hence my choice mistake. Thankfully we live in times where colour changing drops exist and I am still able to make this work.


Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Foundation


The foundation itself is a goodie. It is a medium coverage which can be built up, BUT it does get cakey as you go. You need to work really quickly if you want to build up the layers and you will probably end up with undereye creasing at the very least.

It definitely is one of the foundations I’d go for if I wasn’t going to apply concealer, it really is that great of a coverage. However, there is MEGA flashback. As in, I untagged myself in online photos because of the ghost face it created.

Overall I get an entire work day’s wear from it. I would probably go for something more hard core for a special event. Due to the fast setting, I’d advise against powdering on top of this. However, I do not use setting powders for daytime make-up which is exactly why I reach for this on a daily work-life basis.


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