Current Fave.. Rejuvenating Eye Cream from African Extracts {REVIEW}

Current Fave.. Rejuvenating Eye Cream from African Extracts {REVIEW}

It is a rare day when I title a review post as a current favourite. I do monthly favourites and reviews, but very rarely do I make time to put something in the spotlight like this. But the Rejuvenating Eye Cream from African Extracts has earned it. 


At 23, I have not been using eye creams for that long. Granted, I should have started even earlier. It is definitely one of the products that, the sooner you start using, the better. Anyway, I did a big eye cream VS eye cream post (which may or may not already have been published at the time of this post going live). So I have used around 10 eye creams in the last 18 months. That is more than enough time for me to feel like I have given all of them a fair chance. But none of them, none are as incredible as this Rejuvenating Eye Cream

With ingredients such as bio-active Rooibos, sea fennel and buckwheat seed extract, this cream will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and well as reduce under-eye puffiness. For best results, apply it twice daily.


Rejuvenating Eye Cream


I use this every evening. I try and use it every morning but I tend to forget. You are supposed to use this twice day. It is meant to aid in hydrating dry skin, plumping the eye area out and diminishing fine lines.
The formula leaves your skin feeling soooooo silky. Seriously. When I do remember to use it in the mornings, I find it is the most amazing primer. My concealer and foundation will not be creasing if I have applied this beforehand. There is also absolutely no greasiness or weird texture left over on the skin. The scent is also clean and refreshing, no floral or medicinal scents that we sometimes get in skincare.

You can probably get a good two to three months of use out of this tub. The tub is made of glass, which is the only downfall. I am slightly clumsy with products and who knows if I could end up breaking this if packed incorrectly. Albeit scratched, It has a gorgeous gold lid. It looks super cute and classy on my nightstand.

I so want to do the Rejuvenating Eye Cream justice with a stunning review, but what more can I say? It really is just hands down a fabulous eye cream.


Rejuvenating Eye Cream


The Rejuvenating Eye Cream retails for R160 at most drugstores/chemists and, as far as I know, is exclusive to South Africa. This includes Clicks and Dis-Chem stores nationwide.


Rayne XX



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