Introducing… local South African brand: Pink Cosmetics

Introducing… local South African brand: Pink Cosmetics

Pink Cosmetics – A gorgeous website, check. Stunning photos, check. Affordable options, check. International options, check. Any chance you would be supporting a local business, CHECK CHECK CHECK.


I had the chance to pick out a few goodies from the divine online shop, Pink Cosmetics. And man, the site is just so stunning. You click click click until you have fifty two tabs open.


Pink Cosmetics


I got lost while looking through the bath options, there are so may types and scents to choose from. For example, their – now, well known – bath bombs are available in a multitude of fragrances and different sizes. I opted for three Designer Fragrances; Si, Be Delicous and Elie Saab. I chose three scents that I own the perfumes of, so that I could see how realistic the scents are.

We only use body-approved colorants and natural fragrance oils to infuse your tub with natural goodness. NO SULPHATES

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Kaolin Clay, Cocoa butter, Sweet almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Fragrance oils, Mica, Body approved colorants, Sugar/Salt crystals


The price of these is R75 for three. Now, not to compare buuuuut if you were to compare these to a well known franchise, these are R25 each. Making them MUCH cheaper. Like, R45 cheaper per bomb.
Because we are in water conscious times, I have only used one of the three bombs. They come unlabeled, but they smell amazing, you can easily figure out which is which. I popped the bomb into the bath (a shallow bath, I swear) and immediately it started fizzing away. The fizzing was brilliant and, while it didn’t leave foam/bubbles/added extras like more high end bombs, it left the water a subtle purple hue. And my favourite part? It left a thin moisturising layer on my body after getting out the bath.

Next up I have my eye on the cocoa butter melts and black both bombs. Black!! How cool.



Then, next up. I want to call this my favourite Pink Cosmetics item but I love the third one too… oooh, tough decisions.

The watermelon lip scrub is the most flavoured scrub I have ever used. It has a very different consistency to the usual lip scrubs you can buy. I find them to be very hard whilst this one is soft to the touch. Yet it is easy enough to scoop out and onto your lips. The sugar is very fine milled which feels luxurious on your lips, but it also means some of the sugar may fall down onto your chin. Just check yourself in the mirror before applying lipstick. The scrubs are available in four flavours at R70 each.


Pink Cosmetics


Then finally, the Solid Brush & Sponge cleaner. First off, this can be used for brushes and sponges (duhhh) which I find awesome. I find that normal baby shampoo just does not work as well as actual sponge cleaners, and this does both.

I was not too sure exactly how to use it, but I just wet my brushes and swirled it around on top of the solid cleaner. And it worked perfectly. I used it with a blusher brush, a Real Techniques sponge and a duo fibre high end brush and all three gave good results. It was faster than baby shampoo and uses less water. The little flowers on top and also made of soap and will disappear the more you use the soap – how adorable!

Pink Cosmetics


Overall, the most noteworthy thing for me was the sheer beauty and thought that went into the packaging. The more you look, the more you notice the care in the details. From the soap decor, to the teensy labelled boxes, to the branded wrapping. Each product is a little piece of art, all packaged absolutely beautifully.

I will definitely be recommending Pink Cosmetics to people in the future. If you are looking for a natural but local company, then check them out now. Locally made products with reusable packaging are the way forward!!


Rayne XX



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  1. Siobhan Hughes at 8:56 AM

    Yeah, you just made me DESPERATE to go online shopping now. I have to wait until the end of the month though – wedding planning for July means my cash is not as free-flowing as it usually is!

  2. Janet Stewart at 2:21 PM

    WOW!! What a beautiful blog post and such stunning pics, you ake me so proud, I have to blink sometimes and think to myself, WOW I made those. Thanks so much we are so glad you like them as much as we enjoy making them.

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