Infallible Matte Max lip colours from L’Oreal {REVIEW}

Infallible Matte Max lip colours from L’Oreal {REVIEW}

Slightly behind the trend here (these Infallible Matte Max lip products launched in March ’16), I have only just picked some up for myself.

In the true spirit of Winter ’16, L’Oreal brought out this matte range. However, these Infallible Matte Max lip colours are all in a powder form which comes out of a sponge tip.
I so wanted to love these, as they are unique and something new to try. But they just don’t tick all the boxes for me.

The range consists of six very different shades with, frankly, freaking awesome names. Silenco, Oops I Pink It, Like a Virgin, Disturbia, Say My Name and I Gotta Feeling range from burnt orange to rose to fuchsia.

I picked myself the shades Silenco and Disturbia, both seemingly different shades. Both shades give a very dull effect. And the shades are similar. Not too opaque, not too popping (and hello, one shade is ORANGE) and just leaving you with a so-so look.

Infallible Matte Max

Online this product is advertised as the easiest lip option on the market for achieving that ever-so-Instagram-famous ombre effect. I myself am not a make-up artist so I don’t try those fancy lip looks myself but these do seem to be the perfect product for achieving such a look. However, on the other hand, it also states online that these are able to achieve a full bold matte colour.
Yes, they are matte. Yes, they are buildable. But no, they are not able to achieve a perfectly opaque bold look.

The sponge tip will make application slightly difficult for anyone with thin lips. Thankfully the shape of the sponge makes life easier and you can get a steady enough outline before filling in the rest.

Infallible Matte Max

Infallible Matte Max

The staying power of these is the most positive comment I have – they last for a good six hours before needing a reapplication. The added ingredient of micro-oils is what gives it the velvety feel and staying power. This also aids in not drying out your lips.

You can find the Infallible Matte Max lip products in all major retailer/drugstores such as Clicks, Dis-Chem and Edgars for R169.

Rayne xx


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  1. Leigh-Ann at 7:39 AM

    AH I’ve also always wanted to try these but just never got around to it… but now I can’t find them here. MAN!