The Body Shop has thirty eye-shadow shades available! {REVIEW}

The Body Shop has thirty eye-shadow shades available! {REVIEW}

Guys, I have been living without knowing the absolute gloriousness that is the selection of single eye-shadows from The Body Shop!


The last time I purchased an eye-shadow from The Body Shop was probably around 2011. Way back when they were still those duo marbled-effect dome eye-shadows, you feel me? I know you owned one too…

Anyhow, I have now been shown the light and I am never going back to the dark side. There are THIRTY freakin’ shades, ladies. Each one more stunning and fittingly named than the previous.
Every colour under the sun is available, be it blues, purples, nudes, taupes, olives, seagreen, blushes. You name it, they (more than likely) have a similar shade.


Purple Topaz Purple Topaz


I tested out two shades, Purple Topaz and Atacama Desert. Again, how cute are the names? A few of my fave names include California Lapis, Peru Clay, Idaho Jasper and Scandinavia Steel. So creative.
My two are single shadows which come in the basic The Body Shop packaging. You can then go ahead and build your own palette with a 4 pod quad or an 8 pod case. I don’t know how long they have been doing this but I am so thrilled. I love nothing more than when a brand has the option to build your own palettes. And even more so when the brand has so many different shades on offer. O, and there are both mattes and shimmers available in the range.

At first dip into the pan, there is no immediate kickback or fallout. Always a great first impression. I first tested the eye-shadows dry and then immediately with damp brush. These shadows are advertised as working beautifully as are, but even more popping if used with a damp brush – for a nighttime look maybe? I found this to be absolutely true, the shades are amazing when damp. I tried to capture the true colour on my hand swatch but it did not turn out so great. When damp, the colour is electrified and super pigmented. It almost takes on a metallic effect and, with Purple Topaz in particular, the final look is stunning.

My damp brush ended up making the shadow in the pan go slightly cakey on the top layer. Nothing that a wipe with a cotton pad doesn’t fix, though.

Purple Topaz



I wore the peach shade over the weekend, having applied it at about 11am. I then wore it through lunch and dinner and by the time I removed my makeup at 10pm, it was still intact. Granted, the colour had faded slightly, but there was no patchiness or smudging. I did not use an eyelid primer but I did use a setting spray, I think this was a fair enough test!

Next up I have my eyes on Budelli Sand, Australia Quartz, Bengal Granite and Aztec Gold. Take a look at the range yourself, you will tie yourself in knots trying to narrow the selection down!

You can bag yourself a few of these single shadows for only R85 each. Seriously, where else can you get such affordable single shadows? Also, they weigh in at 2.2g each. And, of course, they are enriched with community trade babassu oil.

Have you used these shadows before? Do you have your eye on any colours in particular?
You can purchase the single shadows and palettes in The Body Shop stores nationwide. See all the available shades at


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