Nude ‘Tude Palette by The Balm {REVIEW}

Nude ‘Tude Palette by The Balm {REVIEW}

After months, I am finally getting around to writing up a review on this coveted Nude ‘Tude palette.


This bloody gorgeous and unashamedly gaudy palette is definitely more famous overseas than it is here in South Africa. The Balm only started retailing their products here in October last year and the brand has definitely not been given their fair share of limelight as yet!

Now, have you ever seen a palette this cute? Pretty much all of their products have the eye-catching packaging and play-on-words (or names) titles. Each one is cuter than the last and that is no exaggeration.


Nude 'Tude


Getting to the quality of the palette. As you can see from the swatches, the shadows are very pigmented. To me, pigmentation is the be all and end all when rating an eyeshadow. Check the Nude ‘Tude reviews out online, many people have claimed this to top another palette with a similar ‘nude’ name….

The only annoying thing is that my favourite shade is the one that I cannot capture properly (fifth from the bottom) on camera, it is seriously beautiful. As an all over the lid shade it is perfect for daytime. For a night time look, throw some Sultry and Silly in there and you are sorted.



There are twelve shades in total; 4 mattes, 3 frosts and 5 metallics. I hate to absolutely rave about a palette but this really is a perfect mix of cool and warm shades. With these twelve shades, there are so many different eye looks to be made. You are covered with all looks; daytime, night time, dressed up or down. The included applicator (dual ended liner & shadow brush) seems more suited to brows and eyeliner but works like a charm with some Fix+ sprayed onto it and used as a lining brush.


Nude 'Tude

That fifth from the bottom shade (Stand Offish) is my favourite lid shade. And that dark brown shade (Silly) is SUPER shimmery and glittery in a completely non-kitsch way.


My favourite picks from this palette are Sexy, Sultry, Stand-offish and Snobby. Okay, I know that is one third of the palette, but narrowing it down was hard. You can see from the piccies that I have really gotten my hands dirty with Nude ‘Tude. I would put it up there with one of my top 5 most used eyeshadow palettes.

A few of those frosty and metallic shades had a bit of fall out from the top layer of product. Once you get past that first layer, there is barely any fallout and the colours remain smoothe and creamy.



The Balm is available from most Stuttafords stores – unfortunately their website doesn’t have prices so I’ll have to edit this post at a later date. It is also available from if you don’t mind not playing with the products before buying. But, I can assure you, you won’t be sorry.


Rayne XX


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