Waste Less Africa… and then my sister started a blog.

Waste Less Africa… and then my sister started a blog.

A few weeks ago I posted how my mom had started a blog. And she is hysterical. Seriously guys, if you did not check it out last time I posted, go check it NOW. She moved to London a few months back and the escapades she gets up to are so brilliant to read that I barely remember to miss her.

Anyway, on the exact same day, my sister started a blog. I am obvs such a role model to the both of them that they had to follow in my footsteps. Now, my sister’s blog – Waste Less Africa – is all greeeen. All about how you can do little things to help alleviate our carbon footprint in society. If you know her personally, this would come as a big surprise. She isn’t a plastic bag advocate or someone who dumps their rubbish on the beach, but she is just a “normal” person. Well, in the last few months she has made some lifestyle changes. Here are just a few;


  • She doesn’t use plastic bags. At all. She either has a material bag in her handbag or else she will happily carry four pineapples and three apples from the store to her car.
  • She is now a pescatarian. The meat industry has a HUGELY negative effect on the environment and she just totally went cold turkey one day and stopped eating dairy meat. Apart from one incident where my gran fed her food with bacon and she claims to have had nooo idea it was in there. 
  • Her toothbrush is made of bamboo.
  • Her straws are made of glass. They also go everywhere with her. These and the bamboo toothbrush were purchased from Faithful To Nature.
  • She mixes coconut oil and peppermint oil to use as toothpaste instead of normal “plastic contained” toothpaste.
  • She refuses plastic utensils and she has bamboo sets which she generally always has about her person.
  • And even better. She is pretty addicted to coffee and has an eco-cup which goes everywhere with her – she would rather not get a takeaway coffee at all than use a disposable cup.


Waste Less Africa


All of these and more… how damn easy are they? It is the biggest cliche in the world but can you imagine if even 10,000 people made these changes? The world would – maybe not improve and undo the damage – but it would significantly slow down the current deterioration.

And I promise you. My sister isn’t a crazy. Her name might be Khaya but she isn’t a hemp-wearing, soap-making stereotype. When did it become un-cool to be Earth conscious? Wasn’t it the biggest trend last year? All it takes is super small changes. If you want some easy-peasy inspiration then definitely keep an eye on my sister’s page – she is such a little inspiration!!! Her blog slogan is “Changing the world, one refused straw at a time”.

PS; she is still a newbie okay. So ignore the Waste Less Africa homscreen and click straight onto the ‘Blog’ section to hear what she has to say.


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