Current Face Baking Routine {No Carbs Involved, sorry!}

Current Face Baking Routine {No Carbs Involved, sorry!}

My face baking routine is a simple one. Seriously. I don’t do that all out, six coats of concealer and one sprinkle of powdered unicorn horn palava. 


face baking


However, it is easy peasy and really does add an extra layer to your under eye area. Helping me to conceal these dark circles that I inherited from my dad!


You need only a few products, these are my chosen favourites for this exact routine but you can use whichever products works better for your skin texture.

Primer – I have way too many favourites but am currently using the Australis ‘The Original’ Primer.

Foundation – the Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Foundation was used for this pictorial. It is not my favourite of the Revlon foundations but it is great as an every day easy-to-blend option.

Loose Powder – The essence Stay All Day Translucent Fixing Powder is one of my all time favourites at the moment. I started off fighting with it but seriously, power through and figure out how to work with it. Your face will thank you! The texture is great for baking as the fine granules of powder also go very compact when you use a damp beauty blender in the tub.

Setting/Blending Powder – Another Revlon. The Photoready Translucent Finisher powder is also a current fave – you can see my full review on it here – It is sooo finely milled and not at all cakey on your skin, basically perfect for baking as you have a few extra layers on.

Beauty Blender – Or, to be totally PC, mine is the UBU Blender Baby from Clicks and this thing works like a charm!

Setting Brush & Powder Brush – My all time favourite setting brush is the Real Techniques one and my powder brush choices would be either the GOSH Powder Brush or the Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush.


Baking Routine


The application process is easy peasy. Apply your primer and foundation as usual (primer is not a necessity).
Then apply your concealer in the usual upside down triangle shape. Blend out as far down your face and diagonally up your cheekbones.
Dip your damn – not wet – beauty blender into your loose powder and dab a hefty amount of powder onto the blended concealer.
Sit for 10 – 15 minutes. This is the most complicated part. Most people don’t have the time to sit around doing nothing.
Blend the loose powder out with your smaller brush. Then use your compact powder to set your entire face. And voila! The result is a high coverage nearly-flawless face.




Obvs people don’t have extra minutes to just throw away in the morning.. but it is well worth the fifteen extra minutes if you have somewhere special to go.


Rayne XX


face baking

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  1. Jolene Krantz at 2:10 PM

    Hi. Love your blog. I see everyone writing about baking – at least now i know what they are talking about. I bought the Essence powder as everyone was raving about it but it leaves my face looking white. How should I use it? Thanks

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