My Scary Scarring Story & how Bio-Oil helped my face {REVIEW}

My Scary Scarring Story & how Bio-Oil helped my face {REVIEW}

A few weeks ago Bio-Oil sent out the cutest product drop; an old school tin medical case which was stuffed to the brim with all the medical supplies you would need for accidents and possible scarring…




This included plasters, bandages, Dettol, tweezers, scissors and, of course, a travel sized Bio-Oil. Perfect for carrying on you at all times.

I have huge bottles of Bio-Oil in my beauty desk and in the bathroom. So, today I decided to share my story on just why I love having Bio-Oil on hand..

Bio-Oil is the immediate go-to product when it comes to stretch marks. Something that most women – and loads of males – deal with.  I have been using it since I was about fourteen and they started popping up where they weren’t wanted. Nasty buggers. However, my major relationship with Bio-Oil was when I had some horrible facial scarring; caused from my beloved ghd.

This was about three years ago and I was straightening my hair like I do multiple times a week, and somehow I managed to lay the plates of the ghd on my face for long enough to burn it quite badly. As a normal girl, I immediately freaked out because, hello, facial scarring. I will leave some images below but the timeline went like this:

Day of – thin yet angry looking, bright red lines. And it HURT. I went to a chemist that same day and was recommended a product especially for facial scarring. Bio-Oil didn’t even cross my mind. For some reason I seemed to separate scars from facial scars.



A week later – the scars scabbed and started peeling off and it looked like the angry redness was subsiding.



Two weeks – The scabs had completely scabbed off (delightful) but the skin underneath was even redder and angrier than before. Also, VERY sensitive and itching at all times!! The stripes were even thicker than before, I would say they had doubled in thickness by now.




** By now I had switched to Bio-Oil on the recommendation of a friend.

Just a few days after my two week mark my skin had healed SO much in comparison to those two weeks before. The Bio-Oil significantly soothed and healed the horrible red skin. Also, these pictures do not do the burns justice. It was VERY painful and every time I pulled an expressive face it would rip the scabs. The Bio-Oil majorly helped with the pain aspect and the overall look of the scars.

Four weeks – You can see clearly in these images that the scars were nothing more than faint pink lines at the four week mark. The stripes were no longer lumpy or 3D off my face. It was simply just irritated skin that was regrowing itself.



After about six weeks there was nothing that was noticeable to the eye. I hate to sound dramatic but these two scars were HORRIBLE to have. People would stop me in the mall and ask about them. Today they are almost totally gone – you can only see them if I am really really tanned (a rare occasion in itself) as those little strips of skin seem to not tan as deeply.

So that was my little story telling post all about the wonders of Bio-Oil. And for the record, this is not a sponsored post. But that cute little medicine box just reminded me of my oh-so traumatic experience 😉




Rayne XX


Tangle Angel

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  1. Katherine Estrada at 6:23 PM

    Hi! I wanted to ask you how is your scar by now? I mean, I can see that after 4 weeks it improved a lot!!! but I would like to know how does it look by now… I accidentally scratched my face one week ago and the scar is looking really red 🙁 … I want to know if using this product will make my face like it was before the scratch??… Please let me know in order to buy it. Thank you in advance!

    • makeitrayne at 11:58 AM

      Hey Katherine – I no longer have a scar! Honestly, it is GONE. This was six years ago but I would say it was gone in about four months. It does get worse before it gets better 🙁 The redness makes it raw and irritated and more noticeable but time and – especially – loads of Bio-Oil is what saved my face 😉 😉

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