Favourite Nivea Face Scrubs {REVIEW}

Favourite Nivea Face Scrubs {REVIEW}

A few weeks ago I had such an in-awe response to the below image posted to Instagram. My favourite Nivea face scrubs are both a female and a male product!




I love switching up skincare products and routines. My skin is the kind that tends to behave itself for the most part. I don’t struggle with acne but I struggle with teeny tiny white heads and dry skin. Also, when I have been gorging on bad foods, I tend to get clusters on pimples on my chin. Also ***censored sentence ahead*** they are the kind of pimples which just do not want to rear their ugly heads. They just stay gunked up in my chin. Yuck.

This is why I adore a good hardy face scrub. Nothing helps my skin like a good ol’ exfoliator. This is why I decided to try out my boyfriend’s Nivea Men Exfoliating Face Scrub one day and I was obsessed from the first use. The menthol smell is delish and refreshing on your face. The beads in the scrub are not microbeads, they give your face a really good, deep scrub. Seriously, ladies. I got a lot of questions on my Instagram asking if the product is not too harsh. It is harsh, but you can control how harsh it is depending on how much you apply. Also, I don’t have sensitive skin, so I would suggest you rather don’t buy it if you have very sensitive skin. Otherwise, go for it, you won’t regret it! I use it multiple nights a week – but not every night.


Getting into the nitty gritty (pun intended);

  • It deeply cleanses to scrub away impurities and unblock pores.
  • Lifts off dry and dead skin to reveal smooth and refreshed skin.
  • USAGE: Three times per week.


My other favourite product is the Skin Refining Scrub from the Daily Essentials range. This is made for women so it is obviously a much gentler scrub. It is geared towards normal and combo skin so, again, maybe don’t try if you have sensitive skin. My favourite aspect of this Nivea scrub is that it maintains the moisture balance in your skin whilst exfoliating. So no horrid dryness after using this! Like the men’s face wash, this only needs to be used twice to thrice a week.




More nitty gritty info:

  • Especially mind on skin as it is enriched with Vitamin E. Yet it is still not geared for sensitive skin.
  • Respects the skin’s moisture balance while refining the surface area.
  • Enriched with Hydra IQ as well as Vitamin E.


Aaaand seeing as this post involves a male product – and my boyfriend will kill me for this – I have to point out that he adores this scrub. It is his go to product to alleviate blackheads and also the ONE skincare product that he repeatedly requests when I go shopping.

Each of these products cost only R59.95 and can be purchased from Clicks. Clicks is also currently having a 3-for-2 on skincare products so grab these now! You can also purchase them online from the online Clicks store

Rayne XX


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