Revlon All-In-One Mascara VS Revlon Volume+Length Mascara {REVIEW}

Revlon All-In-One Mascara VS Revlon Volume+Length Mascara {REVIEW}

I have been wanting to review the All-In-One Mascara from Revlon for a while now and I decided to compare it to the Volume+Length Mascara while I am at it!




Both of these mascaras are part of the new collection Revlon has released. Its the range with the five different coloured lids – I am sure you have seen them everywhere! Basically each mascara is designed to enhance a certain aspect of your lashes. They are as follows;

  • Red – Ultimate All-In-One Mascara
  • Blue – Volume+Length Magnified Mascara
  • Green – Super Length Mascara
  • Purple – Dramatic Definition Mascara
  • Pink – Ultra Volume Mascara

If you are unsure which mascara to go for from the new range, then fear not. Revlon has a nifty tool on their website which will ask you if there are any previous Revlon mascaras that you were particularly fond of. For example; if you are a fan of the Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara then the website will suggest the Ultimate All-In-One Mascara for your next choice. Before using this mascara, it’s worth checking out the Fahv mascara guide to give you hints and tips on all things eyelash care related!


Usually I would gravitate to the mascara which promises HUGE and false looking spider leg lashes. Thankfully, my makeup style has matured and I now go for either a volumnising or a lengthening mascara. For review purposes, I decided to opt for the All-In-One Mascara and the Volume+Length Magnified Mascara.


First off, the All-In-One-Mascara..

I was kind of MEH when I pulled the wand out. It is TEENY! I will be honest and say I was originally disappointed haha! Maybe this is a “thing” to have a miniscule wand but I had never seen such a small brush before. I assumed there was no way this would work well. ONE use of this and my mind was changed.

I have used and reviewed many incredible mascaras lately and I even get a bit annoyed with myself when I rave on about so many different products but this mascara has got to be my current favourite. The small wand allows you to target individual portions of hair so you can lengthen particular parts of your lashes I prefer having longer lashes on the corner of my eye so this is a bonus. The formula also lengthens like a dream – check out the below image to see the result compared to a different Revlon mascara.



My right eye (your left) has the All-In-One-Mascara applied. Look how long and defined the lashes are!

See the below traits pulled directly from the Revlon website:

• Our innovative, high-impact formula delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits, while our Revlon Power Mini Brush™ leaves no lash behind. Choosing the one has never been so simple.
• High impact formula delivers the ultimate 5 benefits in 1:
– Volume
– Length
– Definition
– Lift
– Intense Color
• Revlon Power Mini Brush™:
– Unique mini oval shape designed to reach every lash
– Hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact

This All-In-One-Mascara is available in two shades; blackest black and dark brown.



Check how different the wands are – yet both provide great results.


And now onto the Volume+Length Mascara..

This mascara applies like the usual volumnising mascara. It has a chunky wand which also allows you to slightly curl the ends of your lashes.

This mascara is not as WOW as the previous mascara but it is definitely a great option for daily wear. The formula contains black fibers which I tend to find annoying in mascaras as they fall into your eyes. Ain’t nobody got time to be rubbing their eyes! This one thankfully has none of that and all the fibers do is amplifies the volume and length of your lashes.

Both mascaras seem to do well in terms of not flaking off during the day or causing panda rings. I also found the formula was easy enough to remove at the end of the day with warm water and some micellar water. I pretty much never re-use a mascara if it is one of those that requires “special remover”. No thanks.


Again, Ultimate-All-In-One on the right, and Volume+Length Mascara on the left eye,

Again, Ultimate-All-In-One on the right, and Volume+Length Mascara on the left eye,

Rayne XX


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  2. Vicki Shepherd at 4:43 PM

    I love this mascara ! I use the volume +length. After spending oh I don’t know how much andlooking for that perfect mascara, I have finally found it !! After turning fifty I have noticed thinning in my lashes. This product is woderful !!! .After applying this, my eyelashes look amazing ! The more you apply the longer they appear ! No smuggling or flakes at the end of the day and very easy to remove . Love it so much I went back and bought a couple more so I would be sure to not run out and to give to my friends to try !

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