Put some Spring in your step with essence ‘like a first day in spring’! {REVIEW}

Put some Spring in your step with essence ‘like a first day in spring’! {REVIEW}

Oh yes. Spring is soooo almost here! Last week essence dropped off a few Spring inspired press drops to a select few bloggers.  I was super pleased with what was inside..


like a first day in spring


Introducing the essence fragrance so aptly named ‘like a first day in spring’. Infused with base notes of musk, vanilla and sandalwood. Middle noted of dewberry, praline (OMG!) and rose. And topped off with notes of pineapple, orange juice and tangerine.

Fragrances are a funny thing because they are just so individualized to each specific person. It’s as if the essence team knows all about me because the scent ‘like a first day in spring’ is totally up my alley. I hardly ever feature perfumes on my blog. This is because the perfumes I radiate towards are Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Gaga. These fruity and fun flavours seem to be viewed as “younger” smells. I can still totally appreciate a Chanel scent! I just prefer to smell like I recently emerged from that old Liqui Fruit advert. You know, the one where the lady is showering in the juices of assorted Summer fruit?

Anyhoo, the essence scents are exactly the kind that I would gravitate towards. And at a measly R115 per bottle, you can gravitate towards all 8 without breaking the bank!

This ‘like a first day in spring’ scent is described as “warm rays of sunshine on your skin, the fresh scent of blossoms in the air. it is finally time to head outside. this fruity, floral and radiant fragrance makes you feel so alive!”. And if THAT doesn’t stir some excitement for Spring in you, nothing will.


like a first day in spring


The nitty gritty..

the fragrances are created by international perfume houses with a longstanding tradition. in doing so, high-quality, natural scent substances are combined to create trendy fragrances. they are manufactured in grasse in southern france. grasse has always been renowned for its perfume production. and despite the excellent quality, these fragrances aren’t expensive at all! so you can treat yourself to several – one for daytime, one for going out, one for the summertime. just like all other essence products. after all, we only put products on the shelves that have really convinced us.

our cool folding boxes are produced on a carbon-neutral basis. The fsc label shows that the paper is sourced fromresponsibly managed forests. Where endangered animal species and plants are protected. so you can relax and enjoy your cool new fragrance!

If you didn’t catch me unboxing this on my Snapchat (makeitraynex) and see what else was included in this drop, then look at the pic below. This gorgeous perfume was accompanied by the daintiest little spade, soil and seeds! The seeds are baby leeks and Spring is prime time to grow them. How damn thoughtful and cute is that?

like a first day in spring

What do you think of the essence scents – do you like them? I totally have my eye on ‘like a day in a candy shop’ and ‘like a walk in the summer rain’ as my next purchases! essence fragrances are available exclusively at selected Clicks branches.

Rayne XX

like a first day in Spring

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