Velvet Brow Powder Artist by CATRICE {REVIEW}

Velvet Brow Powder Artist by CATRICE {REVIEW}

This decide Velvet Brow Powder Artist could not have arrived at a better time! I don’t like to name drop but I have heard that this is a pretty good dupe for another drugstore product..

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Velvet Brow Powder Artist


A blogged a few months ago on the Maybelline Brow Satin. Calling it my favourite brow product and that it was not finished but I was yet to repurchase it. Then this popped into my mail as part of a blogger drop and I was MAJOR excited to give it a whirl!


Velvet Brow Powder Artist


The bargain  Velvet Brow Powder Artist is a dual ended brow product consisting of a spooly and a sponge applicator. Something that boggled my mind was where does the product actually come from? When you put the lid on, it basically replenishes itself. I checked online and it turns out product is inside the lid. Nifty, huh? This also means there is no need for sharpening the end.

With a bit of practice, you can achieve defined and sharp brows but it does take a little work. I have had microblading done and my brows are pretty full. This product is perfect for someone like me who needs some texture, fullness and colour added.


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The  accutane cost attain Velvet Brow Powder Artist is available in three shades:

  • 010 Light Brown
  • 020 Brown fASHionista
  • 030 Dark Brow(n) Is The New Black


Velvet Brow Powder Artist


Now, can we take a moment for those names? I have always admired the shade names of the CATRICE eyeshadows but this one totally cracked me up. I don’t even watch the show but it is brilliant!

All in all, this is a great go to product for someone who doesn’t need major work to get their brows looking good. I am using this as my go-to product for work during the week.


Thanks for reading!

Have you tried this product – what did you think?


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Velvet Brow Powder Artist

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  1. Nadia at 9:04 AM

    I’m currently using another product of Catrice, the Longlasting Browdefiner or something like that (the one that looks like a koki pen) and it’s definitely one of the best brow products I’ve used – they’re definitely getting brows right at the moment ☺

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