Porefessionally Bronzed Kit from Benefit {REVIEW}

Porefessionally Bronzed Kit from Benefit {REVIEW}

If you are anything like me, you will have at least four of these gorgeously gorgeous Benefit Cosmetic kits in your Red Square online cart. The Porefessionally Bronzed kit was in my cart for ages before purchasing! Now, care to take a peek and find out what I think?

Porefessionally Bronzed


I think the question on most peoples’ minds when purchasing one of these kits is; “Is it worth it?” let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. Braaain. Staaahp. I can’t hear the phrase “is it worth it” without doing that.

Moving on. The Porefessionally Bronzed kit contains three products. You get a “fun sized” Porefessional face primer which is 3ml. You then get another “fun sized” product, the Watt’s Up cream highlighter, which is 2.5g. And finally, the pièce de résistance, the full size Hoola bronzer at 8g.


Porefessionally Bronzed


Benefit Cosmetics describes the kit as follows: “Prime, bronze & highlight with this complete contour makeup kit. This tempting trio of Benefit bestsellers will have you looking smoother-than-smooth, sunkissed and seductively luminous!”

If you are a follower of my blog, you will have seen me raving about the Hoola bronzer and Watt’s Up in multiple reviews and monthly favourites posts. Watt’s Up is one of my all time favourite highlighters (and I am not the greatest fan of cream highlights). And the Hoola bronzer is an absolutely perfect matte powder which suits most skin tones.


Porefessionally Bronzed


So, how do you figure out if the kits are worth it? I know this little Porefessionally Bronzed kit is totally worth it because I would pay over R500 for the Hoola bronzer alone! Thankfully it only costs R385 in reality. Basically I find the R495 price tag as a great deal as I would pay a lot more for this bronzer. Seriously, I have two and I have not even made a dent in my original Hoola even though I have had it for two years!

The Porefessional fun size is another story.. I pretty much laughed out of shock when I saw it in reality. I know you get full size, value size and fun sizez but fun size is laughable. It will probably be enough for one and a half uses. It is around the same size as my pinky and I am almost too scared to open it out of fear of breaking it! Thankfully I do have the full size of the Porefessional gel so I will just keep on using that..

The Watt’s Up fun size is the same size of the Porefessional but such better value for money! The product is compact and, once twisted up the whole way, you see that there is a LOT of product in there! I actually have a friend who bought the fun size over in the States and she has been using it for a good year or so. So it obviously lasts amazingly well. I am SO excited to have this as a fun size; it takes “travel make-up” to a new level!


Porefessionally Bronzed


If you reeeally want to get into the nerdy nitty gritty side of things, you can work out the actual worth of each product which would go as follows;

  • Hoola Powder Bronzer – full size = R385
  • Porefessional Primer – fun size = R66
  • Watt’s Up Cream Highlighter – fun size = R113

These amounts were worked out as if being valued per gram as priced on the three full sized items.


So overall you are saving money on the Porefessionally Bronzed kit as opposed to buying the three products separately. This is actually also not possible as you cannot buy the fun sized versions of the Watt’s Up and Hoola Bronzer! At most you can get a “value size” which is 7.5ml. So these are basically cool limited edition options.

You can purchase the Porefessionally Bronzed kit yourself directly from the Red Square website. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you would recommend any of the other Benefit kits? 

Rayne XX
Porefessionally Bronzed
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