Make-Up related NO-NO’s of mine {HERE’S AND THERE’S}

Make-Up related NO-NO’s of mine {HERE’S AND THERE’S}

Ever do something with or to your make-up and you have to tell yourself no-no! I have so many of these that I have to constantly remind myself about, yet I never seem to stop..




My first no-no would be the common no-no amongst ladies; sleeping with my face on! No-no, Rayne. No matter how many pimples this gives me, I seem to do it once a month.

I have a sad ‘thing’ about keeping all my pretty make-up packaging. It used to be everything and my disease has greatly improved. I now only keep the extra special high end luxe packaging. Here’s looking at you Dior/Chanel/or similar. This is unproductive as the packaging does not do anything* and I am being threatened with divorce by my boyfriend.

I pull on my be-mascaraed eyelashes. Super gross and I never used to do this. I once read a book and the main character did this when she was nervous and one day I tried it.. I now do it always. Not stress related at all.

I keep my make-up WAY past their apparent expiration date. I don’t believe in throwing away a R360 blusher after two years when I have barely made a dent in it. Lately I have been hearing the notion that you don’t have to throw your products away until they start smelling like crayons. I much prefer this as you can get five years out of a M.A.C blusher!**




I am scared of giving “bad” products a second try. As a self proclaimed beauty blogger, it is my duty to my blog to power through and use the worst of the worst and the best of the best! However, I am always slightly frighten to reuse a product that was a dud the first time around. That being said, I have also used many an item which got better with use!

I tend to apply my make-up in bad light every single work day. Literally. I cannot get around this too much during Winter and Autumn as the lighting is terrible in our place. The lighting is perfect later on in the day and in the sunny months though. So I regularly go to work with horrendously applied make-up and I struggle to care.

And my last no-no.. Whenever I love a product and I get to the last use in the tube/bottle, I will leave it. I am too sad to use the last bit so I end up having an overload of almost-finished make-up items in my beauty desk which could either 1) be used and repurchased or 2) be used and repurchased! It is not going to magically multiply the longer I leave it!


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Sigh. And that’s it for my make-up no-no’s. This was definitely a bit of a different post for me to write so please let me know what you thought of me straying from product reviews! Also, leave me a comment and help me feel better by letting me know any of YOUR weird beauty no-nos?


*I have tried being super pintresty and making a packaging collage but it sucked.

**If your product gives you horrid reactions that it never used to; it is probably too old to keep using.


Rayne XX



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  1. Simone at 12:30 PM

    Lol….good list!

    Something I NEVER do is sleep with makeup on. Maybe in my 20’s after a night of partying, but as a mom of 3, I get home after work and the first thing that comes off is my face…then my bra! LOL.

    I am also guilty of the bad lighting thing. Rocked up at work with a pink face due to not testing the foundation before I used it and then applying it in bad light. Oi. BUT don’t care.

    If I owned any Dior or Chanel I’d probably do the same. I tried to keep a MAC bag once, that’s as exciting as my life gets. ha ha.

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