Glam & Doll Mascara from CATRICE {REVIEW}

Glam & Doll Mascara from CATRICE {REVIEW}

Yet again, CATRICE has knocked one out of the park with their latest mascara, the Glam & Doll. Actually, I don’t think this is the latest release of CATRICE mascaras. But it is my most recently tested!


Glam & Doll


I have quite a few of their mascaras to compare the Glam & Doll to, and I seriasly am loving this one.
I have said it in every CATRICE mascara review but they win hands down when it comes to wearable, every day work-life mascara. Nothing too insane, no spider leg lashes, and no clumpy mascara.

The tube is a sleek iridescent shimmery one and the wand is similar to previous CATRICE mascaras. I am impressed with how clean the lid stays. I hate my mascara clumping up around the space where the lid meets the bottom half of the mascara. And this one is great at not having any excess formula seeping out and drying up.

See images below to check out the noticeable difference in length! Also cannot believe I am allowing such zoomed in pics on the blog! How mature of me. You can even see the pores on my nose. 


Catrice Mascara (3)

Glam & Doll


The curvature of the wand is beneficial to creating long separate lashes and it doesn’t clump your them together. Sometimes I find that volumnising mascaras just end up sticking your lashes together in weird spikes. The Glam & Doll mascara does not contain that volumnising factor and therefore does not result in clumps at all.

After a couple of hours it does start to flake out but it 100% will get you through the work day. I would just take it off and reapply if you are planning on going out for dinner or something at the end of the day.  You can easily remove it with any face cleanser or micellar water.


Glam & Doll


I’m not too clued up on formulations and ingredients in mascaras. However, I can tell that CATRICE has changed something in their formula when it comes to the wetnes. Originally I would need to be a little careful and sit for maybe 30 seconds before opening my eyes wide as the mascara would lightly transfer onto my eyebrow bone. Now there is none of that and I can open my eyes as wide as I want immediately. Are you opening your eyes wiiiiide as you are reading this? 😉


Glam & Doll


As far as pricing goes, you better know CATRICE always has competing prices. This Glam & Doll mascara costs only R79 which is dream worthy for a great product!

Let me know – have you tried this mascara? Did you love it? Are there any other CATRICE mascaras that I should try out?

Rayne XX


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