Sorbet Scrub Series! Week 4 – Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub

Sorbet Scrub Series! Week 4 – Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub

Welcome to my fourth installment in my Sorbet Scrub Series! And today I am featuring the Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub. Otherwise known as the Blue Tube from the inhouse body scrub range.


Sorbet Scrub Series! WEEK 4 – Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub


I reviewed a very similar product in my first Sorbet Scrub Series. This scrub is the same tube, price and formulation as the Smoothing & Energising Body Scrub but the scent and ingredients differ.

The Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub contains four main ingredients. These are Starflower, Rosemary, Vitamin E and Pearl Extract. You will be amazed when you research these main ingredients individually. Vitamin E is used to treat scars, wrinkles and acne whilst also aiding in speeding up cell regeneration.

The pearl additive is also super interesting. The components in pearl extracts help to heal blemishes and maintain the health of the skin. Who would have thought!

As I mentioned before, the formula is very similar to the other Body Scrubs in the range that are in this tube. Sorbet sells many variations in tubes, bottles and tubs. But this in house range in this tube is available in multiple different options. The granules in this tube are in good ratio of product vs beads. The beads are small and gritty yet not harsh on the skin. You can go in and really give your skin a good buff! However, you can also give your skin a gentle cleanse. It all depends on the technique you use.


Balancing & Energising Body Scrub


I am finding it difficult to describe these scents. Of course I have listed the ingredients so that gives you a good idea. But I am definitely finding it to be more of a manly scent than the others. I mean this in a positive way though! The scent is stronger, more tart, and very similar to an aftershave smell. But a good aftershave scent. You definitely don’t get a manly scent from it straight off the bat. It is only when trying to compare the scent to something that aftershave may pop into your head. The scent also doesn’t hang around too long after a shower, so it won’t clash with any perfumes!

If you are not one for scents, just wash it off properly and run the shower water over your body for a while before hopping out. I prefer to give it a once over rinse so that the scent does stick around 🙂


Balancing & Uplifting Body Scrub


I haven’t tested this product on self tan yet but I read some rave reviews online on how this is perfect to use before applying fake tan. It gives a perfect exfoliation to get all your dead skin off before applying the tan.

Personally, I was most intrigued to see if the labels on the tubes were correct. Is this scrub balancing? Is it uplifting? And I can 100% vouch for the fact that the scrub brings a certain level of balance and relaxation to your body. I adore to use this before hopping into bed for a couple of hours of editing and blogging. Who knows if it is real, or if it is a placebo effect. Either way, I definitely reach for this when I know I need some calmness added to my personality!

The price is only R45 per tube! Such an outstanding price when you take into consideration that it is a lovely large 200ml tube.


Let me me know in the comments if you also love this scrub? Are there any other Sorbet scrubs or products that you would love to see a review on?


Rayne XX



*The Sorbet Scrub Series is run in collaboration with Sorbet Sun Valley. You can give them a call on 021 785 2767 to make a booking! Located in the new Sun Valley Mall.

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