Age Essentials range from Almay {REVIEW}

Age Essentials range from Almay {REVIEW}

The Age Essentials range by Almay was released in South Africa in August 2016. Today’s post is a review on three products; the SPF 30 Lip Treatment, Concealer and Foundation.


Age Essentials


Immediately I noticed that Almay has done well by introducing a broader shade selection into the Age Essentials range. They have added in lighter and darker colours compared than the usual selection.


First off, the concealer – Cover and Conceal For Flawless, Youthful Looking Skin. I did a first impressions Snapchat review on all three of these products and I was raving about this. First thing you notice is how soft the concealer is. The consistency is creamy and verges on luxurious but it is also not that heavy on your skin. I do find that it will go cakey if you apply too many layers. I got trigger happy, applied WAY too much and it sunk into every fine line I applied it onto. As long as you keep it nice and consistently applied, it will work perfectly.

I do prefer light concealers so that they also act as an eye brightener. I took a shade which matched my skin tone so this suits me better as a blemish concealer as opposed to an under eye concealer. In Summer this will be the perfect shade though.

The Age Essentials Concealer is available in four shades. It is suitable for sensitive skin and is designed for delicate eye areas. The concealer is available in 4 shades.


Age Essentials

Age Essentials

Foundation on top
Concealer on the bottom (SUUUUPER creamy, heyyy)


Next up is the foundation – Multi-Benefit Foundation for a Youthful, Natural Look. The foundation is actually marketed under the name ‘Almay Age Essentials Makeup’ instead of as a foundation.

Marketed as a “breakthrough anti-aging innovation”, this product is formulated with powerful anti-aging ingredients as well as a built in moisturiser. It is also formulated with added hyaluronic acid, peptides and collagen and NO added parabens. Hyaluronic acid is a seriously awesome ingredient; it aids in wound repair, skin healing and alleviating inflammation. 

The foundation is also marketed as being lightweight and it certainly is that. It applies thinly but with a good medium consistency coverage. I did find it quite buildable which is great with the blemishes I currently have along my jawline. The biggest positive for me is that, once applied, it looks very dewy and luminous. I ALWAYS set my foundation with a matte powder and this foundation had me contemplating going for a dewy look instead.. During Summer this will probably be my go to product.

I have been using this for going on three weeks and it is serving me well. Your skin should be feeling firmer and looking lifted after four weeks of use.. so lets see!

The Age Essentials Makeup is available in 7 shades and costs R269.


almay age essentials (6)

 Age Essentials


And lastly, the Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment – Multi-Benefit Lip Treatment for Youthful, Plump, Baby-Soft Lips. Immediately obsessed with this packaging! The chrome and purple style bullet is extra large too. It feels super weighty in your hand. Nothing at all like a cheapie chapstick.

Whether it is Summer or Winter, everyone experiences dry or sunburnt lips. And, quite honestly, there is no reason for a lip product to not contain any SPF!

Conditioning ingredients in the formula includes argan oil, shea butter, synthetic wax, coconut oil, Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and hyaluronic acid. Yep, the same ingredient as explained above. I definitely get a faint coconutty scent from the product but I have seen people online claiming it to be “candy-scented”. It also has a faint pepperminty menthol tingle.

Once applied, you can immediately feel the nourishment and hydration seeping in. If you are only wearing this on your lips – as opposed to under a product – then you will have to reapply it every hour or so as it dries away. Maybe I just have exceptionally dry lips that use the moisture quickly? Either way, I have taken this and left it at work as I am loving using it throughout the work day!

The Age Essentials Lip Treatment is R120. All three of these product are available from Dis-Chem, Foschini and Clicks.


Age Essentials


And, of course, a before and after using both the concealer and the foundation.

Age Essentials


What do you think of these three products? Have you tried anything from this new range?


Rayne XX


Age Essentials

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  2. Jenny Parvess at 5:13 PM

    I absolutely love the Almay Age Essential Concealer but so upset that I cannot find it at Clicks etc anymore.
    What has happened to it and where can I find it?

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