Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour from Revlon {REVIEW}

The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours; in my opinion, one of the most iconic lippies released in the last year.


Ultra HD Matte


Advertised as being wax free and more of a gel formula, how interesting does that sound? Brands love to throw around the term “matte but still hydrating” but, come on, how often do we see that…

Firstly, the packaging and price bracket. The packaging is way cool. Super sleek and very modern looking. I have never seen a product packaging quite like it. The colour is packed into a frosted (I think) glass tube and you can clearly see the shade through the packaging. The packaging is also weighty and great quality. Something you would not be afraid of just chucking into your handbag.
There are currently 16 shades in the Ultra HD Matte range available – with 8 more being released in South Africa in the next month!


hd mattes (4)


They also smell incredible. Seriously, smell one next time you see them in store! Like biscuits or sweeties – I can’t put my finger on it.

They are priced at R150 each which is definitely on the affordable side of “drugstore” lipsticks. And especially for one as durable as this.

The formula itself certainly feels “gel like” once applied to your lips and it only really takes on a mattified effect after half an hour. It sounds hypocritical to say, but the gel formula is perfectly matte. It doesn’t fully mattify into that thick cakey-ness. Yet, it mattifies into a mix of matte and sheen. This means that is lasts even longer as matte effect starts to crack and flake off. The sheen aspect holds the colour together to make it last longer.


Ultra HD Matte

From top: Seduction, Temptation, Flirtation, Obsession


Another thing I love about these lipsticks is that the applicator is a doe-foot applicator with each side being curved. I found a lot of negative online reviews regarding this aspect but I found it super easy to apply. It really depends on your lips if this doe-foot will work for you or not.

You can see the lip swatches in the image below. Note that I did have to alter the pink shades images to bring out the proper shade of the lipsticks.


Ultra HD Matte

Top Left – Flirtation
Top Right – Seduction
Bottom Left – Obsession
Bottom Right – Temptation


I am completely obsessed with Seduction and Flirtation! I think that they are the perfect Autumn and transition season shades. A bursting coral and a subtle perfect nude – these are totally perfect for almost any skin tone.

I am not the greatest fan of pinks and the two I chose are very similar. Obsession is just slightly darker and deeper toned than Temptation but I still found that they wore really well and lasted long.

You also don’t need to use a lip liner with these as the gel like consistency keeps the formula from bleeding outside the lines of your lips. YES!

Overall I have looooved these Ultra HD Matte lipcolours and I have my eye on a few of the other taupe and nude shades, so watch this space..


Rayne XX


Ultra HD Matte

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