Blush Ball & Mosaic Blush from essence {REVIEW}

Blush Ball & Mosaic Blush from essence {REVIEW}

Back at it again with an affordable blush post! And – surprise surprise – the brand of choice is essence cosmetics..




It is no shocker that I am a huge fan of the essence blush options. I have mentioned these two blushes briefly here, here and here and they continue to release new innovative and affordable options every few months.


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Starting with the super sleek Mosaic Blush; check that pattern! Seriously, that is some nifty cool decal on the surface of the powder. I am obsessed! And because of this, I was hesitant to dive right into the product (I wanted to take millions of pretty pictures first, of course) and I was not so keen on this shade for my skin tone. I have a yellow undertone so certain shades make my skin really sallow and sick looking. I though this would be one of these shades, yet, I finally tried it and it is suuuch a stunning shade! I have brunette hair and hazel eyes, and I am telling you, this mash up of burnt orange and soft browns brings out the green in my eyes. Love it!!
The longevity of the Mosaic Blush is pretty long lasting – maybe four or five hours – and it also doubles up nicely as a mixture of bronzer and blusher.




The second affordable blush is the Blush Ball and ooooh jinne, how sweet is that? I have raved about the novelty of this little cutie patootie for ages now. I have seen the notion going around that you can “apply the head of the ball directly onto your cheek for easy application of product” and I have tried this time and time again but it is impossible that this would look good without blending in with a blush brush! Do you feel me?

That being said, it does not take away from the coolness of the blush in the least. This colour is 10 peach candy and it is a subtle babydoll bubble gum type of pink. Super soft and girly and not bright at all. Just a healthy touch of colour!  The other available shade is 30 cinnamon candy and it is more deep toned and looks almost like a veined bronzer. Super cool in a totally different way!





You can see the swatches above. These are very easy to remove off the skin with a micellar water on a cotton pad. I mentioned above that the mosaic blush lasts a good four to five hours and the Blush Ball lasts a little bit less than that, maybe around three hours before needing to be reapplied.

Both are such great quality and, as a result, I think this shade of Mosaic Blush will go really nicely with darker olive skin tone, and the Blush Ball in this shade would suit a blondie. Overall, I am loving them both!

Both of these blushers are R64.95 and can be found in all Clicks and Dis-Chem stores. You can also find essence products in selected Edgars and Red Square stores as well as certain online stores. 

Rayne XX


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  1. Abby at 12:49 PM

    I do absolutely love the look of the Mosaic ball but agree I think that the blush ball is better for blondes and would probably suit me better. Eitehr way I do love Essence’s blushes.

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