Freedom System Palette by Inglot {REVIEW}

Freedom System Palette by Inglot {REVIEW}

I have been a fan of Inglot for ages now. When it comes to animal-cruelty friendly high quality make-up, Inglot ranks right up there in my books! Today I am gonna be chatting about my most fave, the Freedom System Palette.


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One of my favourite things from the Inglot range would be the novelty of the Freedom System palettes. A lot of people don’t know what it is or how it works, but it is definitely one of the most unique and clever make-up travel options around at the moment. The beauty of this is that you can refill, rearrange and and exchange as you please. Another great thing? The palettes are eco-friendly!

You get loads of choices. Plastic or magnetic palette? Mirror or no mirror? Two pods in the palette or 12? The options are almost endless!



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Kind of thinking I should have cleaned up my palette before taking these picture but YOLO…


The beauty in the Freedom System Palette is that you can mix and match up your eyeshadows, concealers, blushers, bronzers and more depending on what you want to touch up on your face during the day. All of the different products in the Freedom System range are the same pod size so that you can pop them out and swap them out whenever you please. The case is magnetic and you can easily use the magnet at the corner of your palette lid to pop the pod out by hovering the magnet over the corner of the pod. Please use this method. There is literally no excuse because you should never be without your Inglot Freedom System Palette lid. I very annoyingly tried to remove them using one side of a tweezer and I basically stabbed an entire chunk of eyeshadow out of a pod!

This duel Freedom System palette is my favourite combination of all the Inglot palettes I own as it contains my bare essentials and would be one of the things I grabbed if I only had 2 minutes to do my makeup. Heart palpitations just thinking about such a scenario.


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This duo contains the Freedom System Palette lipstick in No. 25 and their cream concealer in peach. This lipstick is one of my ultimate favourites as it is a neutral shade that suits so many skin tones as well as being wearable in all four seasons. This concealer is also a sure winner; it is thick and creamy and lasts for hours. I would actually compare it as a dupe to the NARS creamy concealer 😉 I have it in quite a light shade so I use it more for brightening up under my eyes as opposed to covering up blemishes.


The refills are currently R109 each and you can purchase them from any Inglot counter or Inglot stand alone store. The palettes will cost you upwards of R50 depending on the size but a lot of the time Inglot will run special where the palette is included if you spend a certain amount. 

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