Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream from Garnier {REVIEW}

Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream from Garnier {REVIEW}

At R87.95 this Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream from Garnier may just be what you are looking for to get you through Winter..


Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream


I regularly go through stages when I prefer BB cream to foundation and then go right back to preferring foundation. To this day I am still looking for the perfect everyday BB cream but I can just never find one that ticks all the boxes.

The Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream does the job for day to day “just going to work” use; it covers imperfections (as the name claims), a little goes a long way, it wears nicely for about 8 hours and it is super light weight.

The product is not buildable – which is pretty much the norm for a BB cream anyway – and it does slightly oxidize on the skin around my jawbone area.
As mentioned before, it covers imperfections such as pimples and small scars but if you struggle with dark circles like me, then you will not be able to wear this without a concealer.


Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream


I would definitely call the finished look a “natural” look with a light to medium coverage. You can see the coverage in the picture below. In reality I would wear this with tons and tons of concealer and set it all with a translucent powder.
When it comes to skin types, I have pretty normal skin, but in the reviews I read online, quite a few people who suffer with oily skin raved that it worked much better for them than other BB creams they had previously tried. I definitely think that I will be reaching for this much more during Summer when my skin tone is healthier and more evened out.


anti-imperfections bb cream (1)


The consistency of the BB cream is quite creamy and it is very blendable on the skin. It also smells SO GOOD. I am a big big fan of the Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream from Garnier but the Anti-Imperfections Pure Active BB Cream has a completely different super fresh and almost herbal scent to it.

What do you think – would you purchase this product? Or have you already used it, and what do you think?

Rayne XX

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