rock ‘n doll mascara by essence {REVIEW}

rock ‘n doll mascara by essence {REVIEW}

Back at it with another snappy review! A short and sweet run down on this new release, the rock ‘n doll mascara from essence..

The new launches from essence – including this rock ‘n doll mascara – hit the shelves in early April and a LOT of the products have been making waves. If you pop in on Make It Rayne regularly you will have seen me dedicate a lot of space to their latest releases.


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This is one of the three new mascaras that essence has just launched. It is the perfect everyday use mascara; it is ultrablack (honestly, that is the name of the shade), it lasts around six hours before starting to flake, and it provides great volume without being too “party party”.


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The packaging is classic essence. It is a pretty thick and durable chunky tube – perfect for chucking into your messy handbag or makeup bag. The head of the wand is also on the thicker side of the mascara wand spectrum. This ensures thick and voluminous lashes, as the formula is quite thick, yet you can spread it evenly enough to achieve a more uniform and delicate effect if that is the look you are after. If you want a really chunky application you need only squiggle your wand around in the tube and it thickens up nicely.

The formula stays wet for slightly longer than I am used to with other mascaras, so just leave it on without blinking for a few seconds longer than you usually would. You can see in the swatch below that the overall look is not too “deer in the headlights”, it is more of an appropriate, good quality and affordable mascara for daily use!

You can purchase the rock ‘n doll mascara from most Clicks and Dis-Chem stores for R53.95.


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Thanks for reading! Have you tried this mascara, and if so, what do you think of it? 

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