Current Life Update – May 2016 {HERE’S AND THERE’S}

Current Life Update – May 2016 {HERE’S AND THERE’S}

.Every now and again I am hit with seriaaas writers/creativity block. I’ve either got the words written but no passion to get the perfect pictures OR I have the pictures but the thought of writing all the words is enough to put me into a self induced state of non-willing.


Having not written a Life Update in a minute, I thought maybe this would help me out of my funk. Already, as I write, the words are flowing more freely than if I was posting a review post. 

I usually just type and type but this time I think I will set my update up the way I have seen a few bloggers doing lately; sectioning them up into, you know, sections. HOME:

Home is good. We have been in our new place for a month and a week and we are pretty much all settled in. I share my household palavas on Snapchat (makeitraynex) if you care to follow me on there but it was pretty hectic the first few weeks. We had no hot water for the first 15 days and we also had no wifi for the first 26 days. Obvs the wifi part slowly killed my soul so much more than having no hot water ever would.




himcolin gel price WORK:

Work over Mother’s Day was MANIC. We have a new lady working on the jewellery bench and its great having another person around. We have such a great vibe and atmosphere at work that its nice to be able to share things (sometimes too much!) with each other. I developed an ear infection (for the first time in my life) the day after Mother’s Day and I swear it was my body physically letting go of all the stress that it took to get us through to Mothers Day.

catalog buy zithromax online FOOD: 

My no carbing (also a biggie on Snapchat) lasted around 9 weeks and I did phenomenally well! I lost 5kg and I was looking (in as non vain a way as possible) great and feeling even better. Since we have moved we have been eating whatever we want and, even though I have not gained all the weight back, I know that we need to revert back to low or no carbing as you just physically and mentally feel SO MUCH better. Its just so difficult when nasty food is so cheap.


illustrate flovent price LOVE: Love is also good. Boyf is good. He is singing along to the backing music of his current favourite Xbox game (something to do with MMA) as I write this. The doll.


IMG_20160402_175946 tour FAMILY: Its still odd adjusting to being away from my “home” home, aka my dad’s house. It was Mother’s Day this past weekend so myself and my brother and my sister spent it with my mom (duh). She is immigrating to London in July and I cannot say too much on the matter or I might start sobbing hysterically.


13118896_1005046022896910_7116459955103712123_n (1)



Of course I am writing this post because I have had blogging issues over the last few days/weeks. I usually schedule my blog posts weeks in advance.  Normally I get my groove back before those run out. But now and again the dry spell lasts long enough that I am back in this predicament.. I put out a few posts last week that I was really happy with; namely, the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real review and my review on the GOSH Copenhagen’s new brush range. Also have a lovely little Retail Box Secret Box post coming..
There have also been a few really really great blogging events over the past while. (major S/O to the Essence Mad Hatters Tea Party event). Also a few really amazing ones which I just could not attend due to working a full time job. Oh, the first world problem woes!



retailbox (17)


Now, hopefully this quick little post will jolt me back to blogging reality!!!


Rayne XX


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  1. Kathryn at 8:42 PM

    WTF how come I am hearing about your Mom immigrating! Glad I will see her in June then! Yike
    anything I can bring from the US of A?

  2. Kathryn at 8:49 PM

    I kind of figured which is why I thought I would ask rather get something really wanted for somebody than a random gift for the sake of it
    I assumed you were moving with your mom to hout bay when I heard you were moving but apparently much bigger changes happening

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