Boost B12 – Vitamin B12 Oral Spray from BetterYou {REVIEW}

So, this is probably the blog post that is the most far off from what I usually write about. I prefer to keep my blog 90% beauty and 10% of whatever else I feel like writing about that kind of correlates to what I think readers would find interesting BUT now and again I come across a product that is just so darn great that I don’t even care that it may be super uninteresting to anyone who enjoys the beauty side of my blog.

At the annual #CTMeetUp (amazing event, raise the roof for Cindy) we were given amazing goodie bags and, before even going through it, Maz from Caffeine & Fairydust announced that we can all pass our BetterYou Vitamin B12 Boost Oral Spray her way. So of course no one did because Maz made it sound like the IT product of the century!


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Quoting straight from the packaging; “B12 Boost Oral Spray is an effective nutritional support in a handy oral spray. Vitamin B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and is an effective aid to concentration, memory and brain function.

Unlike tablets, Boost B12 Oral Spray has been specially formulated to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing  the digestive system. The tiny droplets absorb quickly in your mouth providing faster nutrient uptake then tablets or capsules”.

So there you have it. Seems like gone are the days of a bloody painful B12 shot at your local Clicks. I have heard real life (aka not advert) people claiming that this works so much better for them.

NOW, why was I so curious as to how it worked? I have mentioned time and time again that my boyfriend and myself moved out in early April and, you know how people say that the three most stressful things in life are death, divorce and moving? Those people weren’t lying.


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I could not believe just how much strain moving puts on you! We have now been moved out for almost two weeks and the pressure is still there. I feel like my body has been exhausted since before we started moving and it has still not yet recovered. I would go to bed at 9am, sleep for 9 hours and still get comments the next day that I “look exhausted”.

I also started getting comments at work about being forgetful and, jeez , my colleagues were not joking. I would need to do something, and promptly forget about it ten minutes later and not get around to it. My boss actually recommended I grab some magnesium tablets which I did do and they sort of helped but I feel like my body grew accustomed to them after two weeks.

Soooo when I read that the B12 Boost Spray aids massively in concentration, memory and tiredness and fatigue I was all for it. Those are legit the four things I was major struggling with!


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I started using the spray immediately and firstly, it tastes great, adults and kids can use it and this is such a bonus because it tastes like apricot sweeties and there is almost no way your young ones would have an issue with the taste. You can easily pop in into your bag so that you have it on you all day at work and you would never forget to use it. The formula is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and does not contain salt, fat, yeast, lactose or artificial colouring and flavours.


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All in all I cannot say if this improved my memory and concentration because I have been making a concerted effort to actually remember things these days (lol lol lol) so this could be down to my superhuman effort OR it could be down to this nifty little spray. I can say that I have definitely seen and felt an alter in my tiredness and fatigue levels though which really is the best feeling.

You need to spray this four times a day into your mouth and there is enough liquid for 160 sprays which equals 40 days worth of sprays, and I can honestly say I will be buying another once this is done!

They retail for R110 from most pharmacies such as Clicks and Dis-Chem.


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