Top 5 Real Techniques Brushes {FAVOURITES}

Top 5 Real Techniques Brushes {FAVOURITES}

Real Techniques. What more can you say about the iconic brand who brought amazing quality and affordability to millions? That may or may not sound a tad dramatic, but every South African beauty lover was singing Sam and Nic’s praises the day we heard the brand was launching here.


I already owned a few brushes from overseas trips and international beauty box swaps, and then I very luckily won a generous hamper of brushes from the gorgeous Tori at Kiss, Blush & Tell. So I decided that it was about time I show you which brushes I suggest you get if you are looking to  purchase a few..

1. The Miracle Complexion Sponge. One of the few non-brush tools available from RT and definitely a world wide favourite. I remember absolutely raving on about the UBU Baby Blender sponge but after using this I will never ever go back to any other face sponges. Not even the real Beauty Blender. It is perfectly designed to get into all creases and is ideal for foundation and concealer.



2. This image is of the Enhanced Eyes Starter Set but my favourites are the Deluxe Crease brush (middle brush) and Shading Brush (5th from the left) for application and blending of eyeshadows. I would recommend washing the brushes before the first use as it softens the bristles up a bit and makes the application even finer.

The angled brush also deserves an honourable mention, while being an eyeshadow tool, is also awesome for applying brow powder.



3. The Blush Brush has won various beauty awards as well as being on the Nylon 205 Hit List. It is huge, holds product easily and applies softly and gorgeously and doesn’t leave any streaks. Its reviewed to work well with powder and cream blushes but I have only ever used it with powder blush.



4. Maybe my favourite of all, the Setting Brush, is just beyond. Gaaah. I cannot say enough great things about it. It is perfection for applying undereye powder – especially if you use a different product for face powder and undereye powder. It is also brilliant for applying highlighter to cheekbones whether they are a powder or a cream, just like the blush brush.



I definitely want to get more of these brushes ASAP. Okay, I want ALL the brushes ASAP! I am travelling over to England in a few months and can hopefully pick some more up over there where they have a bigger selection. I have my eye on the powder brush, sculpting brush, stippling brush and retractable lip brush next!




You can purchase the Real Techniques brushes from assorted Foschini and Clicks stores. Prices from R80 – R480.


Rayne XX


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