Suprem’ Essence Hair Removal Cream by Veet {REVIEW}

Suprem’ Essence Hair Removal Cream by Veet {REVIEW}

So I used to use Veet products ALL the time a few years back. I eventually stopped because that “just burnt all my hair off” smell got to be too much for me and razors are cheap. So whatevs.

This weekend in Clicks though I decided to just give hair removal cream another go. I looked through all the different brands such as the in house Clicks brand, Mandy’s etc etc but I opted for the Veet Suprem’ Essence because it claimed to have a pleasant fragrance (which would solve my issue entirely) and because Veet really is top dog when it comes to hair removal cream.





This product is specifically suited to Normal and Dry skin but the Veet range extends over all different skin types. The Suprem’ Essence offers quick results within 3 – 6 minutes and can be used on your legs, underarms, bikini line, arms and hands.




The package comes with the cream in a tube, the instruction leaflet and a spatula for application.

You simply apply a thick layer of cream to the desired area, wait 3 minutes then use the spatula to remove a small part and check if it has done its job. If it is ready, use the spatula to remove the rest. If not, leave it on for a few more minutes. The leaflet does advise you to NOT leave the cream on for more than 6 minutes in total. I found that 4 minutes worked for me but my hair is not super dark or thick.

In hindsight, I should have gone with the ‘In Shower Hair Removal’ cream instead because, seriously, removing hair off your legs with a minuscule spatula can take its time!




RESULTS: Overall it did the job perfectly and it lasted about four days before any hair growth was noticeable. This time frame will also depend on whether you usually wax your legs or if you shave them.

The smell was still that same old Veet smell! This fragrance is a blend of essential oils and Velvet Rose but you can definitely still smell the usual Veet smell in there. To be fair, the scent is less stronger than it was the last time I used Veet, so they are improving..


And lastly, remember to always test the product on your skin before using it and possibly having a bad reaction on an area like your legs or, God forbid, your bikini line. Also, a UPS of this product is that it can be used on very short hair – unlike when you wax and you have to wait for your hair to be a certain length before waxing again.

I purchased this 90ML tube at Clicks for R47.95 and you can also purchase it at Pick ‘n Pay and Checkers.

Have you ever used this product before? Would you suggest the In Shower version over this one?

Rayne XX


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