High Definition Foundation by NYX {REVIEW}

High Definition Foundation by NYX {REVIEW}

So last year myself and a friend did a little bit of  make-up swap and one of the products that did not work so well for her, was this High Definition Foundation from NYX. I was verrry  excited because a free foundation is a free foundation. And I own a heck of a lot of NYX products, but not a single foundation.


This is a great foundation for its price bracket. It basically ticks all the boxes that you want. Good, medium coverage = check. Affordable = check. Lasts for a good few hours = check. Leaves you with an almost flawless looking face = check.

I would definitely recommend this to be a foundation you reach for on a good skin day as, yes, the coverage IS good but it is not a full heavy coverage. I prefer using it on days when I have had little sleep and I know I will be caking on my concealer! Then I feel much better about not using a heavy foundation on top of that as its really lightweight and airy. That being said, it is quite buildable if you need to build it.

Generally I go towards the more matte looking foundations and this is definitely more of a smooth satin look. I am luuuurving it even though its not my usual choice of finish.


High Definition Foundation uses light-diffusing technology to enhance the appearance of silky smooth skin. And check that annoying mascara blob on my eyelid!

This product used to be available in a glass pump bottle and NYX changed it over to a squeezy tube and upped the price a bit. I can’t really comment on the change as I never used the original packaging BUT I can say that that change is only a positive in my eyes as I try and stay far away from glass bottle foundations. Ain’t got no money to let the chance of them falling and breaking creep into my life.

The product is quite blendable and can be used with either a buffing brush or a makeup sponge applicator.



Shade – NUDE

I use the colour NUDE and there are  7 other shades available which isn’t a huge range but they seem to cover most of the common skin tones 🙂

Let me know if you pick this product up and what you think of it!

Rayne XX

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