Cleansing Face Oil by Lipidol {REVIEW}

Cleansing Face Oil by Lipidol {REVIEW}

 Cleansing Face Oil – I have used a few Lipidol products in the past. I have been pleased with pretty much all of them. I remember that first time I ever saw the Lipidol display in Clicks and I was very taken by the basic and sleek look of it. From the simple bottle with embossed brand name on the bottle and lid to the clear plastic wrapping, its the perfect way to display your products without being ostentatious.


For some reason, after receiving this Cleansing Face Oil, I left it sitting around for months before actually using it. I think its because I am pretty much a “stick to the same facial skincare routine daily” kinda girl and facial oils just didn’t fit into my routine. I was very much from the “facial oil makes your skin oily” school of thought. Okay, I just used inverted commas in two sentences right after each other. Sorry.


ANYWAY I grabbed this accidentally when I was off to housesitting and I was meant to grab my Lipidol Sunscreen and you can see from the picture below that they are slightly similar. On a side note, I am obsessed with the sunscreen and you can see my past review on it here. 

Cleansing Face Oil

See? VAIR similar.

So there I was at housesitting needing to take my make-up off and I realize that I did not have any remover. What I did have was the accidental Lipidol and I decided to bite the bullet and use it. I honestly had a real fear that it would irritate my skin and cause it to clog up even though I had researched it and I knew there were no nasties lurking inside.

The directions are on the bottle so there is no fear of using the product incorrectly. Pour a small amount into your hands- same amount that you would use if it were face wash.  Then apply straight onto your damp face. Then add a few drops of water and lather up. I got a pleasant surprise when I saw the oil change into a watery foaming cleanser sort of thing. So if you are like me and afraid of applying oil onto your face, you can keep in mind that once water is added this looks like any old facial cleansing cream. The unique selling point is that because the oil is directly added onto your face without water first, the oil binds with the make-up and face dirt, so once that water is added it will swoosh the dirt straight off.


Cleansing Face Oil

My first time using it I decided to go in for the kill as I had heavy eye make-up on. ROOKIE ERROR. I put way waaay too much on and ended up getting it into my eyes. Therefore rendering myself blind enough that my boyfriend was one minute away from pouring milk into my eyeballs. Be gentle, don’t be stupid, I really did not need that extra amount and it really does not sting but obviously if you use insane amounts it will hurt.

The after effect is a clear and clean refreshed face. It feels exactly as any other make-up remover would. And your face may even feel a bit softer than usual 😉

You can find Lipidol in most Clicks stores and this bottle goes for R79.95. The entire range is around about that price range. Thus meaning it is VERY affordable!


Cleansing Face Oil

If you have used this – what did you think of it?

Rayne XX


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