Brow Satin from Maybelline {REVIEW}

Brow Satin from Maybelline {REVIEW}

Officially my favourite brow product at the mo’; the Brow Satin in the darkest shade from Maybelline. I actually finished this around a month ago and I have not yet bought another and in the mean time I have just NOT been happy with my brows. None of my other eyebrow products seem to be doing the trick anywhere near to how the Brow Satin does the trick.


I picked this up on a whim when Clicks was having a 3-for-2 on Maybelline eye products. I had seen a few people raving about them and – I was shopping with her – Cara also swore I would love it. Immediately upon using it I loved it.

It is a double ended twistie pencil style with the “wax” pencil on one end and a spongey on the other end. Honestly, I have no idea what the correct terminology for the spongey is but it is a legit sponge with powder on it.



The Maybelline UK website describes it as being a “cream powder” duo blend – which seems like an oxymoron to me but okay – suited perfectly to women who want to achieve fuller looking brows.

I personally don’t need fuller brows as I never went though that “over plucking your brows
stage but I definitely struggle in the ‘patchy brows’ department.. I also prefer super dark bows but I am way too lazy to get them tinted. I know, I know, its quick and easy and you can even do it at home but blah. This is easy peasy.

I don’t really use the sponge end but its the business to thicken your brows up. You can see from my swatches that the colour payoff is not harsh, yet it is immediately dark. Both those swatches are one swipe of each end. The sponge end especially is super buildable – you can see just how deep the colour is with one swipe. It also has flecks in it as I was scraping the last few remnants of the product left for this post… This side of the product will also be suitable for you if you are after dramatic looking brows.




The pencil side, however, is a lot lighter and is really thin, allowing you to create the effect of brow hairs or to just darken your brows as a whole, but without you being able to see actual pencil lines.

The longevity of this product is also pretty amazing. I purchased it in October and I used it probably every time I wore make-up (around 5/6 days a week) and it is now March and it only just finished. That works out to around 110 days of use!

You can see the images below are a before and after after a full work day.




You can see my lipstick has completely faded (it was a 9 hour workday dammit!) and my foundation has also pretty much left the building but my brows are still on and looking pretty good for 9 hours later on a hot as heck Cape Town day!

In terms of cost and availability, it is a product available from Clicks, Edgars, Dis-Chem and all the usual places so you know it won’t break the bank, it’s around R130 depending on which store you visit. As I said, this was on a 3-for-2 special so always keep your eyes peeled for those! Plus, Maybelline tends to discontinue products pretty regularly so this may just be one that I stockpile!


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