The Lazy Girl’s Recipe: for Baked Camembert {RECIPE}

I am in NO way a foodie. No way. I would be content with marmite on toast for dinner every night. However, every now and then I post my food shenenigans on Snapchat or Instagram and, surprisingly, I get a lot of people messaging me asking for recipes and amounts. All this food is SO simple but I guess everyone needs direction. I also decided that this year I would introduce another blog series to Make It Rayne and I suppose this is it. I wanted something different to my usual beauty ramblings but – not to sound like a lame-o – I really don’t have any other passions which are suitable for blogging purposes. So I am putting it down to a nicely timed coincidence. This ‘The Lazy Girl’s Recipe’ blog series won’t be as regular or as indepth as my usual blog posts because, like I said, I am not really that into it and also all the recipes will be drop-dead-can-do-it-in-your-sleep simple.

Then, last disclosure, this will not be a Kayla Itsines bikini body suitable food. Please don’t expect to see wheatgrass smoothies and -27% fat, no carb, all whole grain cheese cake recipes. These will be yummy, comfort, sleep inducing treats!


And here we go. Starting off with possibly the most simple thing ever. It literally has two steps!

Buy as many Camembert rounds as you like. One round can usually feed one person comfortably if you are eating them with crackers. If you are eating just the cheese then maybe one and a half is better (maybe you need some extra loving comfort?). I love the Fairview Caembert but you can use cheese from any brand.


Pre-heat the oven to 140 degrees celcius. My oven is a gas oven so an electric oven may differ in temperature. Sorry that I can’t help there, but I don’t know these things. I’m sure you can Google it.


Any website will tell you that you need to ‘leave the cheese in the cardboard round that it comes in’ but most Camembert cheeses in the Cape Town region aren’t packaged in those cardboard round thingies. Some websites will also tell you to buy actual Camembert baking moulds (R245 from Le Creuset) but you do not need those either.

All you do is spray some Spray ‘N Bake on an oven tray and place the cheese on them. I leave mine plain buy you can do all sorts of things like stick a sprig of rosemary in the top, or some coriander, there are loads of options.



Pop the cheese in for 12 – 15 mins but keep a constant eye on it Every 5 or so minutes open the oven and lightly press the back of a spoon onto the cheese, you will know if its done by how much of an indentation the spoon makes. If the indentation stays and doesn’t pop back up, then you know its considerably melty in the middle.

It’s not a train smash if the cheese isn’t fully melted because the cheese isn’t raw after all. You won’t die if your Baked Camembert isn’t fully baked and melty.

Make sure your Baked Camembert is on your dining plate before cutting into it because the cheese may very well spill everywhere and you don’t want to have to scrape it all off a baking tray. Rather have it spill onto your actual plate so you can dip your goodies into it!


And that is literally it. This entire post consisted of an oven temperature.

Some extra deliciousness would be to have your Camembert on lightly salted crackers. The mixture of the faint salt flavour and the soft cheese is divine. Also some tangy onion marmalade is the way to go! Although that may be biased because I will eat onion marmalade on almost anything..



I hope that this basic recipe encourages some of you to make the dish yourselves at home. Honestly, if you love cheese and easy cooking, this is a WINNER!!


PS; I wouldn’t suggest serving this as a snack platter at a dinner party unless your guests are definitely going to eat it immediately. If it is left out for more than 10 – 15 minutes it tends to go rubbery and no one wants to eat that.

Let me know if you decide to bake it yourself!

Rayne XX

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  1. Chereen at 11:29 PM

    Ha! Ok, so no cheese for me, but I’m so happy to have stumbled upon a fellow onion marmalade devotee! My family just don’t get how I manage to go through a jar a week, but the stuff is just so. damn. GOOD! Put it on EVERYTHING! (But not cheese 😛 ) xxx

    • makeitrayne at 9:10 PM

      Aww thank you, Loren!! That is a major compliment!
      I will admit it is not the best post in terms of writing, but it was great to add a little something extra to my predominantly beauty blog! 🙂

      PS; onion marmalade FTW!!

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