High Brow Glow Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

High Brow Glow Pencil by Benefit Cosmetics {REVIEW}

Yet ANOTHER highlighting product from Benefit Cosmetics for you to feast your eyes on!

I am not usually one to spend money on products that basically do just one thing. This is a highlighter for your brows; AKA, you could use regular highlighter and achieve a similar effect.

However, since the Benefit bug bit me hard, and because I have seen tons of fab reviews, I had to get my greedy little swatched hands on this.


The Benefit High Brow Glow Eyebrow Highlighter is a chunky eyebrow lifting pencil designed to highlight, define your brow arches and enhance your eye colour. It is also in a universally appropriate shade so that it suits all skin tones.

The consistency is quite creamy and the thickness will depend on how much you apply onto the skin. Like most Benefit highlighters, the formula is sooo easy to blend out which is a bonus seeing as your brow are is not the largest canvas to work with.

If you Google images of this product it looks a bit pink on the Benefit website. I would call it more of a pearly nude shade. If you actually want more of a pink shade product then the sister of this, the High Brow Pencil, will be the choice for you.

So as I said before, you could really use any old highlighter on your brows but this truly gives your brows an arched and defined look that I have not been able to achieve with powdered highlighters. Due to the fact that it is so creamy, you can even get a way with brows that probably should have been tended to a few days before. Those stray hairs are easily covered up and camouflaged with this beauty.


Check how not cute my brows are? This beauty adds the perfect highlighting sheen to my brows and covers up the stray hairs.

I would suggest applying below and above your eyes for the perfectly arched and clean look. You can also use it on the inside corner of your eyes and on your cupids bow if you want some extra uses out of it!


I also do not mind if you ignore the fact that I am not wearing a stitch of make-up. Apart from High Brow Glow of course.

You can purchase this for R275 on the Red Square online store here or from certain Edgars stores within South Africa. And the original High Brow is also available for the same price at the same stores.

As far as Benefit Cosmetics products go, this is one of the more affordable items. I would really push for you to buy it because it really is a winning product. And if the price tag is still too much for your brain, think about just how many uses you will get out of this HUGE pencil!


I hope you enjoyed this review!

Rayne XX

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