Pro Powder HD Setting Powder by L.A. Girl {REVIEW}

Pro Powder HD Setting Powder by L.A. Girl {REVIEW}

Yet again – a product which I had seen in store, did not buy, and couldn’t find again for months! The Pro Powder HD Setting Powder by L.A. Girl. 


Pro Powder HD Setting Powder


L.A. Girl is totally one of those hit-or-miss brands – with most of their products being complete HITS these days! So when I saw this powder on stands I was elated but did not buy it because I was fully stocked up on my M.A.C Prep + Prime Translucent Powder. I then developed – and still possess a somewhat, shall we say – obsession, with translucent powders?

Months later I finally saw the Pro Powder HD Setting Powder re-stocked in Dis-Chem at Cavendish. So ladies, when you see it, BUY IT!


Pro Powder HD Setting Powder


It is a 5G tub and it feels like a really good quality tub. Nice and big! Once opened, it has one of those classic face powder puff. I always chuck mine out or put them away for another use. I never use it with facial setting powders. Under the puff is a sticky covering which you remove to reveal the holes that the powder seeps through. Remove this CAREFULLY because once you are halfway through pulling it off, it decides to become really easy and just rip off. Therefore spilling product.


Pro Powder HD Setting Powder


The first thing I noticed about the product is that it has a faint bicarbonate of soda smell. It contains NO ingredients that has anything to do with bicarb though, so thats just me being weird. Secondly, once applied, I was seriously impressed with how soft the product is! It makes your skin feel silky and smooth.

According to the L.A. Girl website this Pro Powder HD Setting Powder is 100% mineral silica and can be used to set make-up, prep and prime, even out complexion and provide a natural and flawless looking skin tone.

I haven’t yet used it to prep or prime my face but I have used it with and without make-up underneath and I get that gorgeously luxurious effect whether I use it either way.

It has been insanely hot in Cape Town over the past few weeks – we are actually in a legitimate heatwave – but I have noticed this holding my make-up as well as my usual higher end product. After around four hours I need to blot or touch up my T-Zone area, but that is to be expected as its literally 30 degrees every day.

It is a universal product due to its transparency which is super lightweight and easily blends onto any skin shade.

The powder is super finely milled – and I mean SUPER fine. You can see from the below image how the powder has caked onto itself due to its fineness. Just a light dab with your powder brush and it will separate, though 🙂


Pro Powder HD Setting Powder

See that lid on the right? The powder is so fine-milled that it almost looks wet.

Pro Powder HD Setting Powder


What do you think of the sound of this product? I was definitely impressed! It cost about R65 (give or take) and L.A. Girl is available in most Dis-Chem stores. The stands are not re-stocked that regularly so grab one if and when you see it!


Rayne XX


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  1. Dominique at 7:33 PM

    Ive been looking for a good loose translusent powder! Definitely going to try this one! Does it give any flashback in photos.


    • Neslihan Babacan at 9:40 AM

      It does give flashback on photos, remember when you want to avoid flashbacks, always use powder with NO silica in it x Therefore people hype about laura merciers translucent powder, or the nye setting powder 🙂 i also heard that maybelline’s loose powder should cause no flashback; also keep in mind that when you want to reduce flashback with affordable powders, don’t bake but gently set the areas where you want to use powder x

  2. Lifestylebites3 at 12:48 PM

    That translucent loose powder looks awesome and it is perfect to bring shine to your face instantly. I love your blog and if you feel free, then check onto my blog

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