A new look for GOSH COSMETICS!

A new look for GOSH COSMETICS!

Whenever anyone asks me to list my favourite and most used beauty brands, GOSH is there in the top three. I am so accustomed to typing out ‘GOSH COSMETICS’ but they have very recently rebranded and become ‘GOSH COPENHAGEN’! 




As stated in the press release regarding the changes; “The new GOSH COPENHAGEN identity, logo and re-designed website www.goshcopenhagen.com prominently features the company’s logo on innovation, but also displays the urge to exploit and honour the Danish heritage and the roots of the family owned company.

Being a huge fan myself, I already knew the background of the brand. How the brand originated in Denmark in 1945 but it was not a cosmetic company. They focused on business opportunities within the pharmaceutical and health sectors and only in the 50′ did they branch out into beauty. And, finally, in 1979 the first ever GOSH product was released.



Sorry but how stunning, classic and sleek is that layout? And the tab sections are so straight forward and user-friendly!


GOSH COPENHAGEN is a hugely world renowned brand. In South Africa you can find the brand exclusively available at all Edgars stores (yes, even the small ones!).

A lot of people connect GOSH COPENHAGEN as being only a make-up brand but their extensive range also offers fragrances, tanning products, nail products, a large cosmetic brush range, skincare and more. I think I have been through around four of the Sea Salt Hairspray already!



Now don’t tell me you don’t want this lady’s hair and make-up?

Take a look at the new website – I assure you, you will be impressed! There is also a sweet new option of joining the ‘GOSH CLUB’ where you will be privy to exclusive new releases, exclusive news and info and tips ‘n tricks on all the latest new beauty products and make-up trends.


Click on the following bold links to connect with the South African GOSH sites  on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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