Made To Stay Highlighter Pen from CATRICE {REVIEW}

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen from CATRICE {REVIEW}

Lets chat about one of my favourite affordable highlighters, shall we? The Made To Stay Highlighter Pen by CATRICE .


I own quite a bit of Catrice Cosmetics products but I really only paid attention to this item – the Made To Stay Highlighter Pen – when one of my international beauty box swap partners requested all three available shades to be sent to her.

The names are; 010 Eye Like! which is pink, sheeny and pearly, 020 Eye Want! is more pearly and gold combined, and 030 Eye Need! is a bit more silver than anything else. Now, how are those names for cute?

The Made To Stay Highlighter Pen is super affordable at around R65 and is available at most Dis-Chem stores and at ( and websites.

This really is a multi-taskual (is that even a word?) make-up product. I preferably love using it on the lower waterline to make my eyes look larger and more wide awake. It truly gives off a radiating look! Some people are scared off by using light shade liner on their bottom lid but because this is not white, it is a pearly pink, it is not super harsh. Just subtle and natural.


Just look at that absolutely gorgeous but simple packaging.


I also love using it as a brow highlight. While I don’t like name dropping in reviews, it is a GREAT dupe for Benefit’s High Brow. If using as a brow highlight you will need to smudge it in under the brow as the formula is quite thick and creamy; which is great for cheekbones but not so much on your delicate brow area.

Then thirdly, its perfect to use to accentuate your cupids bow – this enhances the outline of your lipliner or lipstick, which gives your overall lip application a cleaner and sleeker appearance.

One tip to keep in mind when applying this onto your eyes, there is a LOT of product in the pen. Which is a great thing because you absolutely get your moneys worth, but when applying onto your eyes it can get a bit messy the first few times because your water lines are so thin. You can alternatively use a liner brush to take product from the pen onto your eye or you can just struggle your way through the first few times until you get the gist of things.

It applies much easier when applied onto the inner corner of your eyes as the area is larger and there is more skin to work with.

Another bonus is that, because the pen is quite thick, you can apply pressure without the constant fear of it breaking. The pen is soft yet thick so it won’t easily snap. Just don’t be a nana and twist loads of it out! It is much easier to use when you only have a small bit peeking out anyway.


Half in the sun and half in the shade. Both sides are still shimmering!

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen

A LOT of highlighting shimmeryness going on..

This post is unfortunately one of the only posts ever on my blog where I don’t have photos of the actual product being used the way I have advertised it. Unfortunately I tried for hours to capture the perfect iridescent sheen on my eyes, brows and mouth. But it just wasn’t happening! So I have included the swatches above. I will try to tweet and Instagram some photos when this blog post is actually published! I did not want to upload the review with images that did not do the product justice.

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen

And there you have it. My thoughts on the Catrice Cosmetics Made To Stay Highlighter pen in 020 Eye Want! Generally I gravitate towards powder highlighters and I stay away from cream highlighters. This is the perfect middle man. Definitely a great product overall!


What did you think? Would you buy this product – or have you already? What did you think of it?

Rayne XX

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